Janmostav of Srimatna Sankardev 2023: Date, History, Activities, Facts

Janmostav of Srimatna Sankardev 2023

Janmostav of Srimatna Sankardev 2023: The Janmotsav of Srimanta Sankardev is observed during the Bhadra or Asvina month in India, which is equivalent to October or September on the Western calendar. It falls on October 24 this year. The occasion commemorates the birthday of Srimanta Sankardev, a saint-scholar, social-religious reformer, and significant character in the cultural and religious history of Assam during the 16th century. A regional public holiday is observed in the state of Assam, India. It is an alternative name for the three-day religious and cultural celebration Sankar Janmotsav.


Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardev, an Assamese polymath, saint-scholar, poet, and dramatist from the 16th century, was recognized for his role in unifying Assam and is considered the progenitor of Assamese culture.

He was born into the Shiromani (religious chief) Baro-Bhuyan family on September 26, 1449, in Alipukhuri, Nagaon district, in close proximity to Bordowa. He began attending chatrasaal (school) and composed his initial verses at the age of 12. After less than ten years of studying the scriptures, Sankardev abandoned the chatrasaal in 1465 to pursue the path towards becoming the next Shiromani Bhuyan. He gained notoriety and the esteem of both his subjects and admirers.

In 1481, he set out on his initial pilgrimage in the company of seventeen individuals. The pilgrimage took him to nearly every region of India where Vaishnavites were adherents. During his travels, he authored his initial borgeet, which is a spiritual hymn, and he subsequently became a member of the pan-Indian Bhakti movement. Upon his 1493 return from his pilgrimage, Sankardev declined the entreaties of Baro-Bhuyan elders who implored him to reclaim the Shiromaniship. He quickly adapted to a new way of life and began to produce numerous religious and artistic compositions. Moreover, he popularized a new religion.

In 1568, Sankardev passed away after a life replete with passion. His state of being was mature old (12 years). Despite Sankardev’s demise, his enduring influence persisted. Presently, a considerable populace in India adheres to the faith that he established. Today, his artistic and literary creations are revered traditions in Assam.

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  • The author of the one-act play “Ramvijay” is Sankardev.
  • During his lifetime, Sankardev was married twice and had offspring.
  • Sankardev promoted the Ekasarana Dharma, an ideology referred to as the “Shelter-in-One religion.”
  • Sankardev lost his father to smallpox at the age of seven and his mother shortly after his birth.
  • Sankardev made two pilgrimages during his lifetime.


An opportunity to give respects

Praise be to the eminent poet and scholar whose teachings will perpetually be held in high regard. Additionally, this presents an occasion to aid in the preservation of his legacy.

Sankardev brought Assam together.

Sankardev’s teachings fostered harmony and unity. Furthermore, in Assam, he influenced the Bhakti movement.

An opportunity to investigate a distinct culture

The holiday presents an opportunity to acquire knowledge regarding customs and a faith of which we might have been previously unaware. It informs us of the profound influence this scholar had on the lives of numerous individuals

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Year Date Day
2022 October 5 Wednesday
2023 October 24 Tuesday
2024 October 5 Saturday
2025 October 5 Sunday
2026 October 5 Monday