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National Aperitif Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Annually, National Aperitif Day is observed on the third Thursday of May. This year, it occurs on May 18. The day appreciates aperitifs, which include sparkling wine, dry vermouth, and white wine.

Despite the fact that aperitifs originated in France, they are consumed worldwide. In a variety of cocktail concoctions, they serve as the star ingredient due to their flavour.

The background of National Aperitif Day

An aperitif is an appetite-stimulating alcoholic beverage served before a meal. This is a liquid starter. Aperitifs are typically served at supper parties, with or without food. There is no rule that prohibits relaxing with an aperitif after a lengthy day. From Campari and Aperol to concoctions like the martini, a variety of aperitifs are available. The spirit provides a flavorful and enjoyable imbibing experience.

The term ‘aperitif’ is of French origin. In Italian, however, it is known as an aperitivo. Both terms are derived from the Latin word aperire, which means to open or uncover. The purpose of these beverages was to stimulate the appetite and prepare the palate for sustenance. Typically, aperitifs are served with intricate or fatty meals. The term ‘aperitif’ refers to a category of alcoholic beverages and concoctions that contain them. These concoctions and alcoholic beverages typically contain herbs or other appetite-stimulating ingredients.

Aperitifs are extremely popular in Europe, particularly France and Italy. They are frequently provided as parlour drinks prior to and after dinner to enhance the dining experience. Instead of an aperitif, some diners prefer to finish their meal with a digestif, which assists in digestion. Similar to the American happy hour, European establishments offer aperitifs with light snacks to their customers.

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Prepare a supper party.

National Aperitif Day is observed by hosting a dinner celebration. Nevertheless, this cannot be any other party. Remember to begin the meal with aperitifs and conclude it with a digestif or additional aperitifs.

Create your own drinks

On National Aperitif Day, display your bartending talents. Create your favourite aperitif-based cocktails or try out new recipes, then invite your friends over for a taste test — how entertaining!

Visit a pub

Your preferred establishment serves the finest aperitif cocktails. Celebrate National Aperitif Day at your favourite establishment with your favourite aperitif cocktails. Invite your peers to participate in the fun!


The Queen’s preferred aperitif is a gin and Dubonnet with a lemon garnish.

Bitter beverages help us become more alert and prepared for the upcoming meal.

Initially, the bright scarlet colour of Campari was derived from cochineal beetles.

Unlike aperitifs, digestifs are served after food to assist your digestion.

Bond’s favourite cocktail, the Negroni, is traditionally made with gin, Campari, vermouth, and citrus peel.


Year Date Day
2022 May 19 Thursday
2023 May 18 Thursday
2024 May 16 Thursday
2025 May 15 Thursday
2026 May 21 Thursday