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National Devil's Food Cake Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

Why go midway when preparing desserts? Chocolate-lovers favour devil’s food cake for its flavorful and luscious texture. On May 19, they will have the opportunity to celebrate their fondness for the confection on National Devil’s Food Cake Day. Devil’s food cake contains an abundance of flavour and chocolate.

The background of National Devil’s Food Cake Day

The Devil’s food cake is not a typical chocolate cake. It is the unique combination of ingredients that highlights the chocolate. Many recipes call for simmering water rather than milk, and some even include coffee to enhance the chocolate flavour! Combining science and desserts, the darker colour of the cake is due to its elevated pH levels, which are the result of the addition of baking soda. The use of cocoa instead of chocolate squares makes the cake even lighter. According to some, the cake’s moniker is intended to contrast with the much lighter Angel’s food cake. As more varieties of cakes have been created over time, “devil’s food cake” is frequently used as a catchall term for a super-chocolatey cake without nuts.

According to studies, we appreciate food more when it feels like an indulgence, and nothing says “indulgence” like a confection named after the devil himself. If we’ve had a terrible day or are in need of some good old-fashioned chocolate comfort food, there’s nothing better than a slice of the richest, most decadent cake available.Sure, a bundt or white cake can suffice, but sometimes you want something a little more. Devil’s food cake will satisfy your sweet appetite and leave you wanting more. You can go even larger by selecting a variant with chocolate frosting. Pair it with a tumbler of milk or a cup of coffee to make it more of a treat!This cake is not suitable for the timid of heart or the occasional chocolate lover. This confection is for the die-hard chocolate enthusiast. Over time, devil’s food cake recipes have included more and more chocolate, even substituting cocoa for simple chocolate to enhance the flavour. The cake is widely regarded as being more dense, darker, and airy than standard chocolate cake.

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Conduct a bake-off!

Invite your pals over for a taste test of devil’s food cake. Evaluate pastries based on their overall appearance, taste, and moistness. Keep the identities of the bakers a secret so as not to influence the judging or the ballots! Distribute incentives such as the coveted blue ribbon or a coupon for a baking class.

Examine the local bakeries

This day requires exhaustive investigation. Google to find out which locations offer the extra-chocolatey deliciousness, and create a tasty itinerary of stops to visit. Take a friend with you to determine which cake was the finest. Be sure to capture pictures at each stop and tag them with #NationalDevilsFoodCakeDay on social media.

Learn the history of devil’s food cake.

Legend has it that the devil’s food cake was created at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, despite contradictory accounts and published cookbooks that contradict the story. According to one account, a customer enjoyed the cake so much that she requested the formula. The customer received the recipe, but she also received a $100 bill from the Waldorf. Wow, that’s a pricey confection!


Year Date Day
2023 May 19 Friday
2024 May 19 Sunday
2025 May 19 Monday
2026 May 19 Tuesday
2027 May 19 Wednesday