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National I Want Butterscotch Day 2024: Date, Background and Facts

Butterscotch Day celebrates the creamy sweetness of butterscotch, a sweet treat made from brown sugar and butter, a staple in desserts and sweets for over 200 years.

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National I Want Butterscotch Day 2024: Every February 15, National I Want Butterscotch Day is observed as an unofficial holiday honoring the rich, creamy deliciousness of butterscotch. It’s hard to believe butterscotch has been around for more than 200 years! Before spreading over the globe, butterscotch originated in a little Yorkshire town.

It changed from being candy to becoming a necessary garnish for all sweets and pastries. Brown sugar and butter are the primary ingredients in butterscotch. In addition to these main ingredients, additional ingredients such as milk, vanilla, salt, and corn syrup are occasionally used. After boiling the brown sugar to 1150 degrees Celsius, combine it with the remaining ingredients.

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National I Want Butterscotch Day History

It is still unclear how butterscotch came to be named. Many theories exist, but none of them have shown to be accurate. According to one idea, the word “scotch” comes from the butterscotch’s association with Scotland. Another interpretation of the word “scotch” is “to cut or score,” since butterscotch must be “scotched,” or divided into pieces, for it to solidify.

Butterscotch was first mentioned in the Yorkshire, England, town of Doncaster. The recipe was given as “one pound of butter, one pound of sugar, and a quarter of a pound of treacle, boiled together” in an 1848 edition of the “Liverpool Mercury.” Some food historians attribute the invention of butterscotch candy to Samuel Parkinson, who started producing it in 1817.

In 1851, several confectioners—including Booths, Henry Hall, and S. Parkinson & Sons—were already selling Doncaster butterscotch. Through agents, the confection was distributed throughout Doncaster and other parts of Yorkshire. S. Parkinson & Sons, however, managed to hold firm. S. Parkinson & Sons advertised its butterscotch brand as “Royal Doncaster Butterscotch” or “The Queen’s Sweetmeat” after receiving the Royal Seal of Approval.

Parkinson’s Butterscotch was given to Princess Elizabeth, the Duchess of Edinburgh, in 1948, and to Anne, Princess Royal, 59 years later. Butterscotch made its way from Britain to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when its renown blossomed.

Numerous butterscotch variations were developed in the United States. The butterscotch sauce or butterscotch topping is one of the most well-liked variations. It’s served on sweets and over dessert.

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Activities For National I Want Butterscotch Day

Make a sauce or some butterscotch candies.

Among the easiest and most delicious ways to commemorate National I Want Butterscotch is with this recipe. Brown sugar, vinegar, water, melted butter, and salt are all you need. Enjoy National I Want Butterscotch with your loved ones by sharing your sauce or candies with them.

Treat yourself to a butterscotch-topped dessert.

You don’t think your cooking is reliable? For a cheesecake or ice cream sundae, visit a nearby candy store, eatery, or shopping center. Use Google to find “cheesecake near me” or “ice cream sundae near me.” Remember to request the butterscotch topping!

Discover the recipe for butterscotch pudding.

Why not learn how to create butterscotch pudding if you like to eat it? You can make it whenever you want with different components if you learn how to make it. Thank goodness for YouTube, where you can quickly learn everything you want to know.

Five fascinating facts about candies

  • Sugar was very expensive in the Middle Ages, therefore only the wealthy could afford to buy sugar candy.
  • Because of their longevity, the United States used Tootsie rolls in their military rations during World War II.
  • Together with a confectioner named John C. Wharton, a dentist named William Morrison devised cotton candy.
  • In Japan, an adult-only brand of Kit Kats with 0.8% sake powder is available.
  • White chocolate is not chocolate since it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids, while being advertised as the fourth variety of chocolate.

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Our passion for National I Want Butterscotch Day

You can use butterscotch in any dessert.

Because butterscotch is sweet and creamy, it goes well with just about any type of dessert, including cakes, tarts, pies, biscuits, puddings, custards, and pastries. In addition, the majority of individuals think it surpasses caramel.

Butterscotch may be good for you.

Rich in calories, protein, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin A, butterscotch has numerous health advantages. It also encourages healthy skin and muscle growth.

Butterscotch is incredibly sweet and creamy.

Butterscotch’s creamy and sugary taste amplifies the richness and delectability of pudding, cake, or pie, or when combined with cookies or cheesecake. Butterscotch is an incredibly sweet confection that can satisfy any sweet tooth.


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