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National Margarita Day 2023: Date, History, Facts,Activities

National Margarita Day is celebrated annually on February 22 to honour our favourite celebratory drink. The margarita, consisting of triple sec, tequila, and lime juice, was created in 1938 in Mexico and is widely regarded as the beverage of fun. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, but on National Margarita Day, it’s never more true. So grab a shaker, your frozen margarita machine, or head to your neighbourhood watering hole to order a margarita. Up, on ice, or on the rocks, there is no wrong way to climb. Salud!

The background of National Margarita Day

In 1938, the drink’s creator, Carlos “Danny” Herrera, created the first instance of the renowned cocktail. He created it in his restaurant in Baja California for a famous customer named Marjorie King, a dancer on the Broadway hit “Ziegfeld Follies,” who was allergic to spirits but not tequila, and thus our most beloved drink was born.

However, Herrera is not the only person who claims to be the original margarita creator. One of them was the Mexican bartender Francisco “Pancho” Morales, who created the margarita in 1942 in Juárez, Mexico, before leaving to become an American citizen and work as a milkman for 25 years. The official Mexican newspaper, Notimex, supports him.

This final tale is the most bizarre. Margarita Sames, a Dallas “upper class” citizen, believed she invented the drink in 1948 at her vacation home in Acapulco, Mexico for her guests. Tommy Hilton (yes, that Hilton), who was friends with Margarita, attended the party and later added the drink to the menus of his hotel chains. But before he could even take a breath, Jose Cuervo, the founder of the renowned tequila brand, claimed he was advertising the drink in 1945 with the slogan “Margarita: It’s more than a girl’s name.” Regardless of the origin of the drink, one thing is certain: everyone was enjoying themselves.

76% of Americans enjoy a nice margarita, which is unsurprising given that margaritas are available in a vast array of flavours. From strawberry and peach to mango and berry, to slightly stronger drinks with beer, to even healthier versions such as skinny margaritas and sportier cocktails, fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly popular (just swap out the triple sec for a Gatorade). Grab the nearest fruit, tequila, and triple sec and shake it to the rhythm of “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor” Whether you’re at a bar, at home on the couch, or just finished an important meeting, grab the nearest fruit, tequila, and triple sec and shake it to the rhythm of “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.” But please drink responsibly; drinking too much tequila has been known to be fatal.

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Make it a margarita night

There is no better way to celebrate National Margarita Day than by hosting a margarita party. Get the blender out, grab a bag of ice on your way home, and begin blending and shaking! Invite your friends to bring imaginative ingredients, such as mango or lychee.

Tacos and margaritas are a divine pairing.

Tacos and margaritas make a great pairing, so head to your favourite Mexican restaurant to enjoy one of the best combinations. Invite your friends, neighbours, co-workers, boss, and even your enemies. It will be a party if margaritas and tacos are served.

Tour de tequila

Tequila is what makes the margarita. For a tequila tasting night, invite some friends and have them each bring a different bottle of tequila. Appreciate the distinct flavours that each tequila imparts to the margaritas.


1937 was the first year in which the margarita was printed.

In 2008, 185,000 margaritas were consumed per hour by Americans.

The serving size of the world’s largest margarita is 8,500 gallons.

It took 300 hours to create the largest margarita in the world.

The cost of the world’s most expensive margarita is $120.

A margarita that came with a pair of diamond earrings cost $30,000.

56% – the percentage of American consumers who select the margarita as their preferred beverage.

The average price drinkers are willing to pay for a margarita is $9.49.

The year 2019 was when the margarita became America’s favourite cocktail.

The percentage of people who enjoy tequila as a cocktail base is 44%.


Las Vegas produces the largest margarita glass in the world. It required 300 hours and 60 people to complete.

For $64,360.25, you will receive a diamond and the most luxurious margarita cocktail.

In 2008, 185,000 margaritas were consumed per hour in the United States.

The United States imported 38.21 million gallons of margarita due to its love for the beverage.

Reputable bartenders from Tucson compete for the title of best margarita.


Year Date Day
2023 February 22 Wednesday
2024 February 22 Thursday
2025 February 22 Saturday
2026 February 22 Sunday
2027 February 22 Monday