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National Pizza Party Day 2023: Date, History, Activities

Having a great time on National Pizza Party Day is not a pipe dream. Pizza is the very definition of a good time, and your options on May 19 are abundant. On the third Friday of May, prepare something at home or venture out to a pizza joint for food and entertainment.

Although pizza is generally considered an Italian cuisine, it has existed seemingly forever. Ancient Greeks used oils, herbs, and cheese to flavour their flatbread, while Persian soldiers baked their pizzas on the heated surfaces of their shields. Traditional pizza is also known as Neapolitan pizza, and it originated in Naples around the 16th century, as the name suggests.

The background of National Pizza Party Day

Italian immigrants later introduced the dish to their new American neighbours, and pizza ultimately evolved into the savoury crowd-pleaser it is today.

There is something intrinsically appealing about the combination of standard flavours, such as sauce, cheese, spices, and herbs. However, the simplicity of the recipe allows for infinite experimentation and innovation. (Whatever your viewpoint on whether pineapple should belong on pizza or not, you have to give folks points for creativity).Pizza is by definition a finger food, which has the effect of making any environment feel more relaxed and comfortable. People have the most fun when they feel at ease in the company of others; therefore, pizza can help establish the ideal atmosphere for any party. And if that gathering is a pizza party, well, that’s an added bonus.John Green once stated that “for almost all of human history, pizza was impossible.” Today’s pizza requires ingredients from very disparate regions of the globe. As previously mentioned, tomato sauce was not used on pizza until trade routes between Europe and the Americas were established. The creation of contemporary pizza necessitates the creativity and collaboration of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and the end result is delectable.

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Throw your own pizza soiree

What better way to bond with peers and meet new people than to invite them over for pizza? As you are commemorating a national holiday, you can decorate your home with pizza-themed decorations and create pizza-themed party games. If you wish to serve food other than pizza, that is solely your decision.

Create one’s own pizza

Never before have you desired to create your own pizza crust? To knead the dough into a circle and hurl it in the air, as the professionals do? You can purchase premade pizza dough or make your own; there are numerous recipe manuals available to assist you. Don’t worry if you can’t master the pirouette on your first attempt. Practise is the “knead” that produces all of life’s greatest rewards.

Do a “pizza crawl”

If you’ve ever pondered where the best pizza in town can be found, today is the day to find out. Gather a group of companions or venture out alone. Find out where to get pizza in your area, and then go out. The most essential thing is to enjoy yourself and eat delicious pizza.


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