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National Sober Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Sobreity

National Sober Day is celebrated annually on September 14, as part of National Sober Month. This day was established in 2019 by ‘Real Aligned Women’ who identify as a’sisterhood for sobriety. Also supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is this initiative. This holiday can be used to renew one’s commitment to sobriety or mark the beginning of a sobriety journey. This day reminds the millions of people who suffer from substance abuse that they are supported and not alone in their struggles.

The background of National Sober Day

Not only is it difficult to quit alcohol, but it is also one of the most extensively abused substances in the world and is responsible for many deaths each year. Alcohol has been a part of human culture for many years and has a long history in our society. Historically, it was produced primarily by fermenting cereals, fruit juice, and honey. There is evidence of fermented beverages in the histories of ancient China, Egypt, and India.

In these ancient societies, the beverage was consumed for a variety of purposes, including its nutritional value, pain relief, and religious ceremonies. In the 16th century, alcohol, specifically’spirits,’ was regarded as a medicine.

In the eighteenth century, Britain enacted a law encouraging the distillation of spirits from grain. The law increased the availability of inexpensive spirits. It increased gin consumption to 18 million litres, and alcoholism became pervasive.

In the 19th century, there was a shift in mentality, and the temperance of the time pushed the concept of moderate alcohol consumption, which eventually led to a drive for total prohibition. The United States passed a law prohibiting the production, sale, import, and export of alcoholic beverages. It resulted in a surge in illicit alcohol trade, forcing the repeal of alcohol prohibition.

Alcohol has little to no nutritional value in modern society. Medically, alcohol is only utilised as a solvent for compounds that are insoluble in water. In the majority of religious ceremonies, alcohol is symbolic. More than 17 million adult Americans have an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol causes approximately 88,000 deaths a year, and 40% of all auto accident deaths in the U.S. involve alcohol. On National Sober Day, let’s unite forces to: “Celebrate sobriety and raise awareness about addiction.”

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Since there is no cure for the disease of addiction, the voyage to sobriety is a lifetime endeavour.

A study discovered that recovering alcoholics who assisted others remained sober for longer.

Approximately 80% of those pursuing long-term sobriety experience at least one relapse.

When you begin your sobriety journey, your physical health will improve and recover.

With sobriety comes the mental and emotional clarity necessary to concentrate on those who are most important to you.


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