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Emergency Medical Services Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Emergency Care

Emergency Medical Services Day is celebrated annually on the first day of Emergency Medical Services Week, the third week of May. This year, it occurs on May 21. The holiday raises awareness of the services provided by emergency medical service providers such as physicians, nurses, emergency helpline operators, and ambulance drivers. It also seeks to express appreciation to E.M.S. providers for their timely services.

The background of Emergency Medical Services Day

Emergency medical services (EMS) originated during the American Civil War. All military personnel were required to pass a medical examination in order to qualify for duty, and ambulance crews were trained in patient care in order to treat wounded soldiers. A few decades later, in 1865, Cincinnati received its first civilian ambulance. Later, in 1869, New York City advertised a response time of 30 seconds and provided a physician in an ambulance for critically ill patients.

During World War I, wounded soldiers utilised signal devices to help medical teams locate them on the battlefields. In addition to ambulances, medical teams utilised electric, steam, and gasoline-powered carriages to transport injured patients. After the war, radio dispatchers were installed in civilian ambulances carrying surgeons so they could swiftly reach those in need.

However, the emergence of emergency medical services as we know them today began in the 1950s as a subsidiary of five distinct business types: towing operators, medical equipment companies, funeral homes, hospitals, and police/fire departments. Over time, the subsidiary grew into its own industry. Until President Gerald Ford proclaimed Emergency Medical Services Week in 1974, however, the efforts of EMTs and other E.M.S. responders were unknown and unappreciated.

Emergency Medical Services Day is administered by the federal Emergency Medical Services Programme, which collaborates with the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Academy of Paediatrics, and the Emergency Nurses Association to raise awareness about the need for patients in acute care settings. Each year, the emphasis is placed on enhancing medical facilities for all age groups in emergency situations.

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Seven days a week, emergency technicians operate around the clock.

The average waiting time for emergency services is thirty minutes.

Beginning with a triage nurse caring for the patient, emergency care is completed by a specialist physician.

The severity of a patient’s condition is determined by emergency care staff and urgent care personnel.

An emergency visit costs $1,354 on average.


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