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National Wear Red Day 2024: Date, History and 5 Heart Health Facts

National Wear Red Day encourages women to wear their reddest ensemble to spread awareness about American Heart Month, affecting millions nationwide.

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National Wear Red Day 2024: National Wear Red Day falls on February 2, the first Friday of the month. On this day, which is recognized as American Heart Month, people throughout the country wear red to raise awareness and spread the word about the condition, which affects millions of women nationwide. So paint the town red by donning your reddest red ensemble, which could include your favorite hat, lipstick, or jeans.

National Wear Red Day 2024: When Is It?

Wear your brightest red clothing, accessories, lipstick, shoes, or dress on February 2nd, National Wear Red Day. While the day allows us to wear more of this beautiful color, its main focus is on ailments and hazards related to the heart.

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The background to National Wear Red Day

As part of the month-long heart and soul theme, National Wear Red Day raises awareness of women’s heart health. Since the beginning of time, women have been the beating heart of the house, fulfilling many responsibilities as mothers, daughters, sisters, advisors, caregivers, and guardians. More than ever before, women are responsible for more both within and beyond the home. In return, they require greater assistance to deeply nourish themselves in the same way that they do their families and communities. The world’s first step in providing women with the vital heart health information and services they require and deserve is National Wear Red Day.

The American Heart Association supports National Wear Red Day, which is observed during National Heart Health Month. It primarily aims to increase awareness of the hazards of heart disease and stroke in women. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for women among health-related causes, accounting for one in three deaths in women annually. The good news is that 87% of cardiac problems are thought to be avoidable, which makes resources, research, education, and awareness-raising essential to the cause this festival promotes.

Every year on this day, supporters show their solidarity with their impacted sisters and inspire others to take preventative measures for the benefit of their heart health by donning their favorite red gowns, shoes, tops, and accessories.

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Traditions Of National Wear Red Day

Heart-related issues are the focus of February. We all want a healthy heart, whether it’s for National Wear Red Day, Healthy Heart Month, or Valentine’s Day. On National Wear Red Day, it’s customary to dress provocatively by donning red. There are bake sales, fund-raisers, and Go Red donation opportunities if you shop at specific establishments.

National Wear Red Day: An Occasion By Numbers

  • The percentage of adults with high blood pressure is one in three.
  • In 2016, 17.9 million people worldwide lost their lives to cardiac illnesses.
  • Eighty percent of cardiac problems are avoidable with proper eating, quitting smoking, and engaging in regular physical activity.
  • The percentage of stroke victims who pass away from it is 12%.
  • The proportion of women who pass away within five years of suffering a heart attack is 50%.
  • The proportion of women who do not participate in sports or other physical activities is 33%.
  • The number of women with heart disease at this time is 43 million.
  • The number of Americans who pass away from heart disease each year is 655,000.

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Activities For National Wear Red Day

Have a Red Party

Organize a dinner party or happy hour with your loved ones to add some fun to your wellness objectives. Serve heart-healthy appetizers and have a conversation on how you can all help each other achieve and maintain heart health. If you’re ambitious, consider throwing a bigger party and using it as a means of supporting the American Heart Association and Go Red.

Get the Word Out

Post about Wear Red on Social Media on National Wear Red Day. Don your most ornate red gown, take a selfie, and share with your friends and followers where they can get screenings, how to join Wear Red runs, and what heart-healthy habits you plan to adopt. You can use carefully chosen posts from the Go Red for Women website on your social media profiles.


Every purchase you make on the Go Red website, which includes jewelry, office supplies, and clothing, supports the organization’s efforts to promote women’s heart health. Purchase something for your loved ones or for yourself.

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5 Heart Health Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

  • You can lower your risk of heart disease by up to 80% by maintaining a good diet and regular exercise routine.
  • Regardless of age, status, or wealth, heart disease disproportionately affects African American women.
  • Sex not only increases heart rate and counts as exercise, but it also balances estrogen and testosterone levels, lowers blood pressure, and eases stress—all of which are critical for long-term heart health.
  • In 42 countries, 48 distinct organizations have granted licenses to Go Red.
  • Contributions to the Go Red campaign can be made in memory of someone or on a monthly subscription basis, among other options.

The Reasons We Adore National Wear Red Day

Women hold significant importance.

There’s a proverb that states everyone gets sick when mom does. The idea is that women are so essential to the way our lives and society work that everything else crumbles when they do. We can contribute, albeit very little, to ensuring that our social system endures by promoting wellness checkups and routine self-care routines outside of medical visits.

Power comes from knowledge.

Resources and information that are clear, accurate, and current are our best line of defense when it comes to heart health. On the front lines of raising awareness among women worldwide, National Wear Red Day offers useful and approachable solutions.

A cure results from prevention.

The majority of the fight is waged before there are any symptoms at all, as 87% of heart disease-related problems are preventable. An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure in this case, and our grandmothers were correct.


Year Date Day
2021 February 5 Friday
2022 February 4 Friday
2023 February 3 Friday
2024 February 2 Friday
2025 February 7 Friday
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