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World Oral Health Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

World Oral Health Day is a worldwide celebration held annually on March 20. The day was established to raise awareness of the importance of oral hygiene. The holiday is sponsored and promoted by the F.D.I. World Dental Federation, and it has become a prominent forum for discussing dental care and oral hygiene. On this day, dentists and oral hygienists use a variety of platforms to educate the public on the importance of good oral hygiene and the range of treatments available.

The background of World Oral Health Day

Texts from ancient Egypt and China reveal that cultures have maintained the importance of excellent oral hygiene for centuries. In one form or another, oral health has been essential in all cultures, from the use of archaic instruments such as porcupine quills, fish bones, and feathers to the use of tree barks.

By the 1400s, the Chinese began using bristles harvested from swine living in cold climates, attached to bone or wood, as toothbrushes. During the same time period in Europe, a mixture of salt, brandy, and water was used to rinse the mouth, and a sponge was then used to rub the teeth to remove any debris lodged between the teeth.

As a result, despite advancements in oral health, there were also instances of a plurality of individuals who did not care about oral hygiene. The emergence of incurable diseases commenced. It wasn’t until 1880 that nurses began providing prophylactic treatment to prevent disease. Prior to that, traditional herbs were used to treat maladies.

Shortly thereafter, dentists emerged with specific dental techniques used to treat dental and oral conditions. Federation Dentaire International (F.D.I.) has been the most vocal proponent of oral health awareness campaigns. The organization has promoted and accentuated the significance of oral health and hygiene for more than a century.

Their campaign to raise awareness about the significance of maintaining excellent oral hygiene bore fruit in 2013 when the first World Oral Health Day was declared.
Since 2013, Oral Health Day has followed a specific theme each year.

The original motif was Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Life, and 2014 also had its own theme. These themes revolve around a particular message for the year. They are incrementally but persistently raising people’s awareness so that they begin to value oral hygiene.

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Globally, 3.5 billion individuals suffer from oral diseases, of which 90 percent are caused by tooth decay.

Incorrect; oral health refers to the cranium, face, and oral cavity. Many people believe that oral health refers only to the teeth.

Tobacco and fructose are the two most lethal determinants of poor oral health.

Maintaining excellent oral health is essential for good overall health.

The F.D.I. launched a campaign to encourage people to practice excellent oral hygiene in order to improve their health, social standing, and mental well-being.


Year Date Day
2023 March 20 Monday
2024 March 20 Wednesday
2025 March 20 Thursday
2026 March 20 Friday
2027 March 20 Saturday