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Make a Hat Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Hats

On September 15, we celebrate Make a Hat Day by utilising our creativity to create headwear. There are no restrictions on colours, fabrics, or sizes; simply create a headdress that matches your personality and attire. Throughout history, humans and headwear have shared a unique relationship. Styles varied, but the essence never changed. If you enjoy headwear and do-it-yourself projects, September 15 is the ideal day for you.

The background of Make a Hat Day

Hats have a lengthy history among humans. What originated as a necessity quickly became a status symbol. Currently, headwear contribute more to fashion statements. The requirement to conceal our heads is not restricted to a single continent. Hats have a role in the history of every culture.

The origins of hats are rooted in the Bronze Age. A body of a male wearing a hat dating back to 3,300 B.C. was discovered in the mountains between Italy and Austria. Throughout the centuries, hats have been used to demonstrate one’s religious identity, social status, political affiliation, and aesthetic preferences. It’s remarkable how a single accessory can completely transform your appearance.

Although the origins of this holiday are unknown, its purpose is clear: craft a hat and wear it all day long. The only thing that matters is your desire to be as creative as you possibly can. For the summer, a sun hat, and for the winter, a balaclava. Caps are versatile and appear in a variety of sizes and shapes. Because of its utility, a hat is much more than an incidental accessory. When was the last time that you donned something that you created? Make a Hat Day inspires creativity, and a little bit of glitter never harms. Hats are enjoyable to wear and giving kids a reign over design and shapes can help them get familiar with the history of hats.


Elizabeth I mandated that men and boys over the age of seven must wear caps on Sundays and holidays.

Fedoras were originally intended to be worn exclusively by women; today, both genders wear them.

Men’s hat suppliers are known as hatters, while women’s hat suppliers are known as milliners.

In the past, hat manufacturers used mercury, which caused chronic mercury poisoning and gave rise to this idiom.

The head dissipates approximately 20% of your body’s heat. A hat can trap heat and keep you toasty for days when worn.


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