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National Football Hangover Day 2024: History, Facts and Significance

National Football Hangover Day is celebrated on February 14, allowing fans to take a day off from work to recover from the excitement of the night before.

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National Football Hangover Day 2024: We commemorate National Football Hangover Day on February 14. You can wake up the next morning with symptoms resembling a hangover if you stay up all night cheering on your team’s great triumph or lamenting its defeat.

You can celebrate National Football Hangover Day regardless of whether you were the one who consumed the food or drink, or whether you just need time to recover from the excitement! Football enthusiasts commemorate the day by taking the day off from work and spending it at home recuperating after the craziness of the night before.

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National Football Hangover Day History

E.S.P.N. anchor and sports celebrity Katie Nolan established National Football Hangover Day in January 2019. Nolan figured the day after, recuperating from the excitement of staying up late to watch football, he deserved a whole day. She did this as a means of extending a special thank you and gratitude to football fans who supported their team during the entire season.

Since 1967, football fans have annually attended the most-watched football event in America. Football enthusiasts get together to celebrate, make friendly bets, and partake in food and drink on National Football Hangover Day. Research indicates that about 14 million individuals report absenteeism from work the day following the big game! Employers have discovered the cause, though, and after demanding football practice, supporters would prefer an official holiday to squander a sick day recuperating from a hangover.

It’s controversial to treat hangovers, and everyone seems to have a different remedy. Some swear they have the “almighty cure,” and others advise waiting it out until the hangover passes. The signs of a hangover differ from individual to individual. Hangover symptoms typically include headaches, nausea, exhaustion, and dehydration. A hangover is usually treatable at home.

A severe hangover, however, may be a sign of alcohol poisoning, which needs to be treated as quickly as possible with emergency medical attention. According to medical professionals, drinking water to stay hydrated helps lessen the effects of a hangover. Additionally, since alcohol is absorbed into the body more quickly when it is consumed on an empty stomach, it is advised that you refrain from drinking.

Events For National Football Hangover Day

Consider a hangover remedy.

It’s thought that the “hair of the dog” can help with hangovers. A raw egg, some Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, vodka, and tomato or Clamato® juice might also help you get over your hangover.

Work from your house

Take advantage of National Football Hangover Day by working from home or staying home from work. Remember to let your employer know!

Attend to your sick pal.

On National Football Hangover Day, it’s crucial to look after your loved ones even though it might not be the post-celebration you had in mind. Ensure they are eating healthily and staying hydrated.

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  • The players run an average of nearly six miles throughout each game.
  • The youngest professional football player in the world is 20-month-old Bryce Brites.
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  • The world’s highest goal scorer is Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Why We Appreciate National Football Hangover Day

An extension of the football craze

Enjoy the football craze for one extra day thanks to National Football Hangover Day. It’s the ideal way to end the thrilling football season.

You don’t have to go to work.

Nobody enjoys returning to the office straight after an intense football game. You can spend the day at home thinking back on all of your best memories from the previous evening.

Today is a day off.

Today is devoted to recuperating and getting some rest. Use the day to take a vacation from your hectic schedule, even if you don’t have a hangover.


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