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Sovereignty Day of Serbia 2024: History, Facts and Events

Serbia commemorates Sovereignty Day, also known as Statehood Day, on February 15, commemorating the Serbian Uprising and the first Serbian Constitution.

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Sovereignty Day of Serbia 2024: Every year on February 15, Serbia celebrates Sovereignty Day. This two-day event, which is also known as Statehood Day, is observed as National Day in Serbia. On Sovereignty Day of Serbia, we commemorate both the first Serbian Constitution of 1835 and the first Serbian Uprising of 1804. The holiday was first observed in 2001. If the day falls on a weekend, a weekday is typically awarded in its place. People think that the weather on this day could portend how harsh the last few days of winter will be.

The history of Sovereignty Day of Serbia

Southeast Europe contains the nation of Serbia. It shares borders with North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Montenegro. At least 525,000 years ago, during the Paleolithic era, the area was first inhabited. The Starcevo and Vinca cultures lived in what is now known as Belgrade during the Neolithic era. The region between the Sava River and the Dinaric Alps was populated by White Serbs during the Middle Ages. By the middle of the ninth century, Serbia had also become Christianized.

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By the middle of the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire dominated most of what is now Serbia, with the Austro-Hungarian Habsburgs controlling the remaining portion. A division of Ottoman troops known as the Dahijas ruled Serbia in 1804. They executed 70 Serb nobles because they were afraid of giving the Ottoman Empire back complete control over the area. This event became known as the “Slaughter of the Dukes” or “Slaughter of the Knezes.” Due to demands for more autonomy, the Ottomans withdrew their initial support for the uprising, which resulted in the start of the first Serbian uprising on February 14. By 1805, the Serbians had retaliated and established a government.

The Russo-Turkish War ended in 1813 with the Ottomans enslaving the Serbians once more. In 1815, there was another uprising that lasted for roughly two years. Serbia was consequently given the title of Principality. Serbia abolished serfdom and feudalism on February 15, 1835, and established a National Parliament. It also adopted its first-ever Constitution at that time. In the end, the same year’s April saw the repeal of the Constitution. In 1867, the last Turkish troops departed Serbia.

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Ways To Celebrate Sovereignty Day of Serbia

Study up on the history of Serbia.

The history of Serbia is fascinating. Learn more about it by reading up on it throughout the day.

Sample some Serbian food

Taste the cuisine of Serbia to honor its culture. You can try making a traditional recipe or search for a restaurant nearby!

Go to Serbia

If you have the means, go to Serbia to experience the holiday celebrations firsthand. To make the most of the day, you can incorporate historical sites into your travel itinerary.

5 Famous Facts About Serbia

  • Roman emperors who were born in Serbia numbered at least seventeen.
  • One of the main exporters of raspberries is Serbia.
  • The Serbian word “Vampir” is most likely where the word “vampire” originated.
  • In Serbian, most names finish in -ić.
  • A significant aspect of Serbian culture is the folk dance “Kolo,” which is an ancient traditional dance.

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The significance of Sovereignty Day of Serbia

It draws attention to Serbian history.

Serbia’s past is incredibly fascinating. It is celebrated on Serbia’s Sovereignty Day.

It draws attention to the Serbian people’s fight for independence.

Serbian Sovereignty Day honors all Serbians who have fought for their country’s independence and sovereignty. It is crucial to pause and pay tribute to historical figures.

It draws attention to nationalist goals.

The nationalist desire of Serbs gave rise to Serbia’s Sovereignty Day. This holiday’s celebration pays tribute to those feelings.


Year Date Day
2024 February 15 Thursday
2025 February 15 Saturday
2026 February 15 Sunday
2027 February 15 Monday
2028 February 15 Tuesday

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