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National Red Rose Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Roses

National Red Rose Day is said to have branched off from Rose Day (celebrated during Valentine's Week in February) over the past decade, in keeping with the sense of romance and mystery that red roses can invoke.

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National Red Rose Day is observed in the United States on June 12 to honour the red rose, one of the most iconic representations of love and romance throughout history. The rose is the June birth flower, and June is a popular month for nuptials, so what could be more appropriate? National Red Rose Day is a time for lovers, botanists, florists, and essentially anyone else to pay homage to this classic flower as roses blossom across the country. It has endured the test of time and will likely continue to do so for decades to come. The greatest part is that something is available for everyone. Whether you’re a nature lover who stops to scent the roses and admires their beauty, or a hopeless romantic who enjoys making gestures, the red rose is as adaptable as can be to your interpretation.

The background of National Red Rose Day

National Red Rose Day is said to have branched off from Rose Day (celebrated during Valentine’s Week in February) over the past decade, in keeping with the sense of romance and mystery that red roses can invoke. Regardless of the reason for this separation, we are pleased to have an opportunity to recognise this scarlet flower.

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Surprisingly, the earliest recordings of rose cultivation date back to China during the Han Dynasty (141-87 B.C. ), roughly 5000 years ago. Even though the flowers were what we now refer to as Chinese roses (a variant of Hibiscus flowers) or wild roses, they had similar characteristics to the modern red rose and were depicted in paintings and ceramics of the time. The crimson rose then travelled to the culture-rich civilizations of Rome and Greece, where it was cultivated and transformed into what it is today, particularly in the Middle East. The crimson rose was a symbol of luxury for the Greeks and Romans and a source of inspiration for many painters and writers. Possibly because of this, we now associate this opulent flower with passion and grandeur. By the time Christianity had spread throughout Europe, the rose’s prominence had waned, as it was viewed as promoting vices such as excess and decadence.

However, it quickly gained prominence again and went on to have a bloody history as well. In Tudor England (1500s), two royal factions, House of York and House of Lancaster, each with a rose as their symbol, fought a succession of battles against each other, now known as the War of the Roses. House Lancaster (red rose) ultimately triumphed, and the two roses were merged to create the “Tudor Rose.” The crimson rose remains a popular symbol of love, romance, beauty, and all that is right with the world, despite its violent past.

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The rose is claimed by Ecuador, Slovakia, Luxembourg, the Republic of Maldives, England, Iran, Iraq, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Romania.

The Hildesheim Rose is one thousand years old and grows in a cathedral in Hildesheim, Germany.

A word to the wise: when selecting roses, exercise caution, as each colour conveys a distinct meaning.

David Austin, a rose cultivator, spent 15 years and $5 million on his Juliet Rose, which sold in 2006 for a staggering $15.8 million.

The term’sub rosa’ means’secret’ because, in ancient Rome, wearing a red rose or placing one outside a door signified a vow of discretion.


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