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Russia Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The name of the country was changed to the Russian Federation on December 25, 1991. Since then, however, this celebration in the largest country in the world has undergone two name modifications.

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Russia Day is a national holiday celebrated annually on June 12 in Russia. When Russia Day falls on a weekend, a weekday holiday is typically substituted. When a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, it is customary to also declare a holiday on the preceding Monday or Friday. Originally known as Russia Independence Day, this holiday commemorates the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the ratification of the Declaration of State Sovereignty. Initially, a surprising number of Russians misunderstood the significance of the event. However, many of them now view Russian Independence Day as a symbol of the modernization of the country.

The background of Russia Day

The name of the country was changed to the Russian Federation on December 25, 1991. Since then, however, this celebration in the largest country in the world has undergone two name modifications. And despite the fact that it was not a national holiday, it was originally known as “Independence Day.” In 1992, the Russian Supreme Assembly designated June 12 as a national holiday. Yet in 1994, President Boris Yeltsin proclaimed the same date a second time as a national holiday. The day was renamed ‘Day of the Adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation’ to commemorate the country’s reestablished independence, the creation of the office of President, the adoption of the historical national flag, and the composition of a new national anthem.

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It was subsequently renamed ‘Russia Day’ on February 1, 2002, and has been celebrated annually ever since. Although it has been an official holiday since 1991, it was not extensively celebrated until 2003, when Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, embraced and promoted it. In contrast, the Russian Day commemoration has evolved over time into a spectacular event. Acrobatic air displays by elite Russian acrobatic teams were the highlight of Russia Day in 2003. In addition, military aircraft were displayed, leaving a trace in the shape of the Russian flag.

In 2004, the celebrations on Red Square were highlighted by a historical military parade in which Russian army personnel and representatives from 89 regions, clad in national costumes, presented the most significant historical events in Russian history to the audience.

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Visit Russia

Take a trip to Russia and experience the incredible events and performances held throughout the nation. Russians never fail to put on a spectacular display for the crowds they attract, whether it be a military parade or an acrobatic performance.

Explore Russian literature

Technology has made available an infinite quantity of information. Russia Day is a wonderful opportunity to discover a vast array of Russian-related content.

Sample Russian Cuisine

Even if you are unable to travel to the country, you may still participate in Russia Day celebrations. You can accomplish this by ordering or preparing traditional Russian cuisine.


Prior to 2011, beverages containing less than 10% alcohol, such as beer, were deemed food and not alcoholic beverages.

Russia is the only country in the globe with nine time zones. The number used to be 11, but in 2010 it decreased.

The Trans-Siberian Railway, which spans nearly the entire country, is the longest railway in the globe.

Lake Baikal, located in southeast Siberia, is the world’s oldest and deepest lake, encompassing 3.15 million square kilometres.

Russia shares boundaries with Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia, North Korea, Poland, and Ukraine.


Year Date Day
2023 June 12 Monday
2024 June 12 Wednesday
2025 June 12 Thursday
2026 June 12 Friday
2027 June 12 Saturday
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