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World Design Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

For the majority of individuals, design is a vague term. What a person finds appealing or unappealing is highly subjective. However, brilliant design will always accomplish three primary goals.

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World Design Day occurs annually on April 27. It demonstrates how design can transform the universe. Design has profound effects on our daily lives, far more than we realise. It exists in the form of ornamentation, artwork, and landscaping. Design also elevates the mundane. From pamphlets and roads to the furniture on which we sit. Have you ever paused to appreciate the technologically advanced athletic gear you wear? Or the pedestrian walkway that makes strolling so enjoyable? This is the glory of excellent design. It is profound, inspirational, and present everywhere.

The background of World Design Day

For the majority of individuals, design is a vague term. What a person finds appealing or unappealing is highly subjective. However, brilliant design will always accomplish three primary goals. It is memorable, inspiring, and instructive. World Design Day was conceived by Kim Paulsen, vice president of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ico-D). The inaugural celebration was conducted on April 27, 1995, under the name World Graphics Day.

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The initiative recognises how design enhances the beauty and significance of daily life. The day honours all aspects of design, including aesthetics, form, and function. It also promotes visual communication, graphic design, awareness, promotion, management, and training throughout the world.

The purpose of World Design Day is to inspire and heighten public awareness of the importance of design. Design is not an abstract concept; it can alter the world. History is replete with examples. Excellent design permeates our immediate environments. We need only to halt and observe. Consider innocuous objects such as the stairs, the ground pavers, and the packaging of our favourite products.

We know that design makes objects appear attractive. However, the ultimate goal of design in all its manifestations is to enhance the quality of life. It can eliminate obstacles and make the world accessible to all. From wheelchairs that help you stand to cell phones that connect you with others, excellent design makes life beautiful and makes the impossible possible.

On World Design Day, designers honour their profession worldwide. The day encourages designers to use their skills to enhance public health. To channel their abilities into innovative solutions that address the requirements of their families, friends, and local communities.

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5 graphic design facts that will blow your mind

The origins of logo design extend back to the 13th century, when Egyptians employed images and symbols for communication.

William Addison Dwiggins coined the expression in his article “New Type of Printing Demands New Design.”

The Declaration of Independence was printed using the Carlson font.

The first watermarks appeared in 1282 in Fabriano, Italy.

In Europe, Johannes Gutenberg, a German inventor, invented movable, mechanical type.


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