By | 28 Feb 2023 at 5:35 PM
Aidan Bryant Wins America's Got Talent and Makes History

America’s Got Talent: All-Stars has crowned a new winner! After weeks of incredible competition, America’s Got Talent superfans decided on a victor on Monday, and the prize went to the self-taught aerialist Aidan Bryant. “It’s ludicrous. Bryant, 18, says after winning the competition, “I’ve been training exceedingly hard for this, and I feel like it paid off because I was able to demonstrate much more this time.”

“I’m delighted because I was able to demonstrate significantly more dynamic skills than in the past. I attach great importance to it.” He continues, “When I last appeared in season 16, I had no idea what I was doing. I have learned everything you have witnessed in the past two years. I lacked confidence in my choreography and song selection, but I was keen to improve after returning for this season.

As an aerialist has never won, Bryant continues, “I was prepared to prove to everyone that I am the best aerialist, and I am ecstatic to assume that position. Bryant debuted on season 16 of America’s Got Talent in 2021, losing to magician Dustin Tavella and describing the experience as “wrenching.” Bryant demonstrated immediately that he did not take his second opportunity on the AGT stage for granted.

After learning about All-Stars, I knew I had to seize the opportunity. I cannot capitulate to [Tavella] once more ” Before obtaining the superfan vote and being chosen for the finale, Bryant stated on January 9 during an All-Stars show. The adolescent then wowed the judges, including Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell, as well as the show’s presenter, Terry Crews, with an extraordinary finals performance.

Bryant told PEOPLE at the time, “To be in the finals means that all the hard work I’ve put in since I was 14 years old, training in the backyard tree, has paid off.” “When I finished second in season 16, I never imagined I’d make it this far, but now I feel like this is my second opportunity to prove to the world that I’ve evolved from an amateur to a professional aerialist.”

During Monday’s grand finale, Bryant had the opportunity to perform a routine with former American Idol contestant and current Queen vocalist Adam Lambert. The Bello Sisters, an additional finalist, accompanied him. Bryant described working alongside Lambert, 41, who also placed second on American Idol in 2009, as “incredible.” “He was wonderful and very kind.”

Bryant explains, “He forgot where he was supposed to go the first time we performed for the judges, and I ran into him.” “That was crazy as well. I witnessed the judges giggling aloud. It was ludicrous. The second time, however, everything went smoothly. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience. He was quite kind. He had the greatest personality offstage. He was incredible.”

Other contestants, including fellow AGT winners Terry Fator, Mat Franco, and Lindsey Stirling, as well as guest singers Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and Weezer, took the stage for final performances during the remaining portion of Monday’s broadcast. Crews then chose the best five performers from the 11 finalists.

In addition to Bryant, the sought-after slots went to Light Balance Kids, Avery Dixon, Aidan McCann, and Ana Maria Mărgean. McCann fell to fifth position, Mărgean came in fourth, and Light Balance Kids placed third. Crews acknowledged that the 18-year-old aerialist had won the competition after Dixon and Bryant had departed.

Bryant states, “When I was standing on the platform next to Avery, I had no idea who would win, but I knew they had summoned me back for a reason.” “And I had a glimmer of doubt that I might not succeed, given that I bungled my [previous] performance. Nevertheless, that was a lot. I was apprehensive and my forehead was sweating.”

“What should I do next?” was a persistent thought in my mind. What will my next phase of existence be? What will the chance be when it arrives? Then it occurred, “He continues. “I am currently performing in Las Vegas. I am an inhabitant of the Las Vegas Luxor. I performed twice every night for five days. Since I was 14 years old, this has been my deepest desire.

He continues, “The superfans in America voted for me and supported me. I am extremely grateful for that. And my appreciation for them is without end. I dedicate an entire year of my existence to working on this enormous platform. Without a doubt, I appreciate them.” Bryant is excited to spend a year performing in Las Vegas and hopes to one day collaborate with Pink, who inspired him when he first began his aerialist career.

“I didn’t have any technical training before I competed on America’s Got Talent. Dance, gymnastics, or any other sport was never a part of my life. And Pink’s video I saw was simply wonderful. I picked up knowledge there “He clarifies. “Pink is wonderful. Hope to collaborate with her in the future. She just had an audition call and was searching for aerialists at the moment. That’d be fantastic.”

“It’s simply an honor to be here and it’s going to place me on a big map, and I just need to live up to it and take this opportunity and use it for what’s best,” he continues on his future success. What does he want aspiring young aerialists to understand? “If you want something, you will work hard for it and eventually obtain it. Simply remain committed and persistent “Bryant advises.