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Brayden Bowers Whirlwind Romance: Ends in Golden Proposal!

Brayden Bowers proposed to Christina Mandrell during the live Golden Wedding broadcast, following their relationship revealed on the season 9 finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

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Brayden Bowers Whirlwind Romance: During Thursday’s live Golden Wedding broadcast, Brayden Bowers proposed to Christina Mandrell. The season 9 finale of Bachelor in Paradise revealed their relationship a month ago.

According to the reality star, he and Mandrell met through the band Tenacious D. Eventually, they got together after she sent him a direct message.

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The moment I picked up Blakely from the airport with her crazy ass rose and fake disguise, I just knew that there was something special and different about her,” he told her mother.

She told Mandrell that she allowed him to be himself “unapologetically.”

I do not doubt that I want to spend the rest of my days with you.” And as Gerry said, it’s as though we have so little time, and I just know that I want to spend the remainder of my days with you.”

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In response, Bowers bent down and revealed an engagement ring.

He revealed that Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner had permitted Bowers to ask Theresa Nist to marry him. Mandrell yelled in agreement with his suggestion. Brayden called Gerry and Theresa to ensure he obtained their blessings before proposing, according to the soon-to-be dad.

In recent years, the couple has been gushing about their relationship on social media, but Bachelor in Paradise did not depict their relationship.

On Instagram, Bowers posted, “I took Wells’ advice and found myself a ‘southern belle’. Jokes aside, she has been a blessing to me.”

In the past year, she has been there for me through very challenging times and has shown me so much grace through it all. “She has become my confidante, my accountability partner, and my favorite person in the world.”

In conclusion, he expressed his gratitude for the fact that he does not have to keep our relationship under wraps any longer. I can finally shout it from the mountaintops. I love you, babe. Thank you for being in my life.”

As a result of the BIP finale, Mandrell expressed her happiness at not having to hide the connection, writing, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” We can finally shout it out loud!! Despite the cameras and drama of the reality show, I found something truly special with Brayden (aka MY BOYFRIEND!).

She said that having a space where we can be unapologetically ourselves is not just accepted but celebrated. “I never realized that I was lacking it until I did. We can finally share our goofy, loving world. We are moving from San Diego to Nashville to begin our collaborative journey”.

As we embark on this journey, we will cheer one another on, create a home filled with laughter and love, and celebrate the strength of ‘US’. We will define our story by laughter, authenticity, and the strength of ‘US’, through goofy antics and heartfelt moments. It is wonderful to be able to be exactly who we are with one another. Finding love that feels like home is very special. #UnapologeticallyInLove #NashvilleBound #imethiminPB #RealityToReality #DangleNation #ChristinaMandrell”

Gerry Turner will marry Theresa Nist tonight at the La Quinta Resort and Club. Fan-favorite Susan Noles will preside over the wedding.

In addition to airing live on ABC, The Golden Wedding will also be available on Hulu on Friday.

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