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Depressing Sussex Town: A Look into One of the UK’s Most Gloomy Destinations

Sussex Town and Crawley were ranked among the UK's top twenty most depressing communities in 2024, with Sussex ranked tenth on the iLiveHere annual list of unsuitable locations.

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Depressing Sussex Town: Sussex ranked among the top twenty most depressing communities to reside in the United Kingdom in 2024. Crawley ultimately secured the tenth position on the iLiveHere annual list of unsuitable locations to reside in the United Kingdom.

In 2024, however, they adopted a slightly different methodology, aiming to identify the “most depressing” towns in Britain as opposed to simply the most unattractive locations to reside.

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In the compilation of the aforementioned list, the website stated: “Alternative measures have been taken this year. We wish to draw attention to those municipalities whose inhabitants lack the will to survive.

“You delivered on mediocre middle-England municipalities that are lifeless, soulless, and devoid of culture; they inflict an almost terminal case of ennui upon their inhabitants.

“The top 20 most depressing towns in Britain, as voted for by you, are here and the results are a shock.”

Crawley was the only location in Sussex to appear in the top twenty. Listed below are the exact 200 positions that the public nominated and voted for.

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What was the opinion of iLiveHere regarding Crawley?

iLiveHere made the following brief remark regarding Crawley: “Aha-ha, that unsettling Crawley. The preferred location for the remainder of West Sussex was in Surrey. A municipality that imparts an air of trendy and vibrantness to Horsham.”

Critics of Crawley have criticized the municipality for many issues, including crime, destitution, and inadequate infrastructure.

RM Mortgage Solutions ranked it among the best places to relocate to the United Kingdom only a few years ago.

The region’s natural beauty, convenient transportation connections, and laid-back atmosphere may have contributed to its popularity.

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