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Joe Machi Illness: Which Disease Does He Suffer From?

His incredible success as a comedian since 2006 is evidenced by the hundreds of people who attend his annual stand-up comedy show.

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Joe Machi Illness: American stand-up comedian Joe Machi, better known by his stage name Joseph P. Machi, is well-known. His incredible success as a comedian since 2006 is evidenced by the hundreds of people who attend his annual stand-up comedy show.

The majority of people are familiar with him as a result of his appearance on the NBC comedy reality series Last Comic Standing, in which he reached the final four comedians competing for the grand prize.

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His appearance on the show had a profound impact on his life; as he tours the country, millions of people watch his online performances and attend his live performances. Additionally, Machi is known for having a loud, high-pitched voice. However, the comedian’s peculiar voice led his fans to believe he was ill.

Joe Machi Illness: By Which Disease Does He Suffer From?

Many fans suspect Machi is ill because of the high pitch of his voice and his anxious demeanor. Some remarked that the comedian uses his inherent unease and insecurity to sound funnier.

However, he noted, “I’m not intentionally nervous; I just don’t fight to be nervous. It works with what I do, anyway.” On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Machi remarked, “By now you’re realizing I have a higher-pitched voice than most men.”

Given his odd voice, most of his fans assumed he might be sick. Despite the fact that many people think the comedian is ill, he is in perfect health, and his voice is perfectly genuine. Having said that, Machi is healthy and in perfect condition.

Joe Machi Discusses Physicians in His Stand-up Routine

On August 19, 2019, three years ago, during a performance of his stand-up comedy, Machi pondered what physicians did 200 years ago.

He started the show by saying, “I went to a wedding a couple of weeks back. I talked to the bride and groom, and I said hey how long before you two have kids.”

According to Machi’s further remarks, the bride and groom didn’t want to have children “the way this world is currently.” The comedian felt it was weird and said, “200 years ago if you were very lucky you were having 15 kids, most of those kids would die.”

Machi added, “Being a doctor shouldn’t have even been a real thing. All they were doing was telling you the name of what you had.” The balance of the evening was spent with the comic talking about doctors and hypothetical historical scenarios.

Joe Machi Makes an Effort to Stay Healthy While on Tour

Machi discussed his work as a comic and how the COVID-19 shutdown affected him in an interview with Nuvo’s Seth Johnson. When asked when he started to get back on the road and what that experience was like, Machi answered, “It’s been tough since I really strive to avoid getting sick.”

The government had urged everyone to wear masks while travelling, and he always did so. He found it irritating when others did not, though. “As I board the aircraft, they inform me that everyone must wear a mask. I then turn and glance around. and nobody is hiding their identity. It becomes annoying,” he told the newspaper. The skilled comic also found it frustrating to wait in line to take the test.


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