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Kaitlyn Vincie Husband

Kaitlyn Vincie Husband: Kaitlyn Vincie, an American sports correspondent, appears on Fox Sports’ NASCAR Race Hub, RaceDay, and other news programmes. After observing the NASCAR All-Star Race from the pits, her fascination with stock racing vehicles increased.

After graduating from college, Vince, a rising talent on FS1, began her career as a reporter at the Langley Speedway in her native Virginia.

After the success of her ScienceDaily vlogs, she gained widespread recognition. The spouse and personal life of your NASCAR correspondent are described below.

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Who is the Husband of Kaitlyn Vincie?

The spouse of Kaitlyn Vincie, Blake Harris, is a crew chief for Hendrick Motorsports. On December 16, 2017, Kaitlyn exchanged her vows of marriage. Vincie and Harris first met while working at NASCAR Race Hub at the same time. They initially connected over their shared interest in motorsports.

Check the following tweets that Kaitlyn Vincie has posted for her husband:

Congratulations to the husband who has been turning wrenches since he was a child, has 29 Cup wins as a car chief plus the 2017 championship, and isn’t hesitant to use a chainsaw occasionally to make things happen.

Amazing to see another automotive chief ascend the ranks. No one deserves it more.

Vincie’s interest in stock car racing was sparked when she was eventually allowed to enter the pit lane. She completed her final thesis at Christopher Newport University, which addressed the gender gap in auto racing by concentrating on the experiences of female racecar driver Danica Patrick.

The summer of 2012 found Vincie relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina. Near the end of the season, Speed named her host of their daily news and update programme, NASCAR Race Hub. In March 2018, Joey Logano and Team Penske pranked Kaitlyn by placing a synthetic spider on her during an interview.

She has since entirely recovered and returned to work as a member of the Fox NASCAR reporting crew. Kaitlyn Vincie was involved in a horrific accident that required stitches in December of last year.

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The Wedded Life of Kaitlyn and Harris

On the 16th of December in 2017, Kaitlyn Vincie married Blake Harris. They met at the racecourse and began courting there. The couple became engaged in 2015, one year prior to their wedding in 2016.

There are numerous photographs of them having fun on their travel, vacation, and hiking accounts. Kaitlyn Vincie was born on December 10, 1987, making her 35 years old. Harris, who is currently 36 years old, has an advantage of one year over her.