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Lil Tay Cause Of Death: Passed Away At The Age 14

The date and cause of the untimely death of the young actress, whose actual name was Claire Eileen Qi Hope, have not yet been revealed.

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Lil Tay Cause Of Death: At the age of 14, teen phenomenon and influencer Lil Tay has passed away. She will be remembered as the young lady who frequently cursed and flexed on social media. The cause of her unexpected demise is unknown.

‘With heavy emotions, we share the tragic and unanticipated news of the untimely passing of our beloved Claire. There are no adequate words to describe the magnitude of the suffering we are experiencing. This unexpected outcome has left us in a state of disbelief,” a post on her Instagram account on Wednesday stated.

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Rapper Lil Tay Biography: Age, Birthday, Real Name, Family, Death, Net Worth (

Lil Tay Cause Of Death

The date and cause of the untimely death of the young actress, whose actual name was Claire Eileen Qi Hope, have not yet been revealed.

In addition, the Instagram statement disclosed that the influencer’s brother passed away. The statement stated, “The death of her brother exacerbates our sorrow in unimaginable ways.”

“During this time of profound grief, we respectfully request privacy as we cope with this devastating loss.” The circumstances surrounding the deaths of Claire and her sibling are currently under investigation, the post concluded.

After disappearing from the internet five years ago, Lil Tay’s parents engaged in a custody battle, while online allegations concerning her family and safety were suspect. In June of 2018, Lil Tay’s Instagram account was deleted and the message “help me” was posted to her story.

A few months later, Lil Tay’s Instagram was allegedly hacked and a series of abuse allegations against her father, Christopher Hope, were posted. According to the allegations, Hope court-ordered Lil Tay’s return to Canada in order to profit from her earnings. In a 2018 interview with The Daily Beast, the former manager of Lil Tay, Harry Tsang, asserted that the allegations were false.

In a phone interview with The Daily Beast conducted alongside her mother, Angela Tian, Lil Tay stated, “Right now I’m in a bad situation and I don’t want to talk about these things,” adding that her father had “filed something with the court, and the court ordered us to go back here, and he said that I was in danger and stuff.”

“He was threatening to have my mother arrested if we didn’t return,” she said of Hope. I had not seen him for several years. Since he hasn’t seen me for so long, it’s clear he’s only returned because he desires money.”

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