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Mila De Jesus Husband: Discussing Their Incomplete Love Story

Brazilian influencer Mila De Jesus, known for her weight loss journey, died at 35, despite undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2017. Her death has left many mourning.

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Mila De Jesus Husband: Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesus gained popularity on social media by sharing videos of her incredible quest to lose weight. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2017, she saw significant weight loss. Although Mila lived in Boston, she was born in Brazil. Her death at the early age of 35 has left many who followed her path in sadness.

Some of Mila’s fans are interested in learning more about her family, particularly her husband, while many others are more interested in learning what happened to her. For all the information, keep reading.

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Mila De Jesus Husband

In January 2024, Mila passed away, only four months after she wed George Kowszik. George is less well-known than his spouse, and the only photo of the two of them on Instagram is of them cuddling. Under the post, admirers have thoughtfully commented on Mila and shared their condolences for George’s passing.

George uses Facebook significantly more frequently. According to his page, he is a “Life Transitional Coach and Business Coach” in addition to being the “President of Wall Systems Unlimited LLC.” It was George who initially announced Mila’s passing on Facebook.

He wrote, “I am not really good with words and talking here.” “Yesterday, I lost both my gorgeous wife and my closest friend, who I adore dearly.” I am at a loss for words.

Has Mila De Jesus Had Offspring?

Mila had four children from a previous marriage, but she did not have any children together with George. Although the children’s ages varied, Anna Clara, one of her older siblings, sent a note on her mother’s Instagram page asking for ongoing prayers for the family.

On social media, Mila had at least one younger child who was active, but her older children were significantly less visible. Both Mila’s close friends and those who followed her on social media are sending their condolences to the family, who are now all in mourning.

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What Caused Mila De Jesus to Pass Away?

Although local news sources have reported that Mila collapsed due to a heart attack, Mila’s family has not publicly disclosed the reason of her death.

In October 2023, Mila disclosed that she suffers from psoriasis, an uncomfortable skin condition that results in rashes all over the body. Mila said at the time that the illness had affected her since July. It’s unclear, though, if this had anything to do with her passing.

In November, Mila shared a picture of herself before and after her gastric bypass surgery to commemorate the six-year occasion of the treatment. She captioned the photo with, “Six years since a decision that changed my life in various aspects.” “The 22-year-old Mila and the 35-year-old Mila are on one side.”

In conclusion, Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesus left a lasting effect on social media with her struggle to lose weight. Many of her followers are in disbelief over her sudden death at the age of 35, and many are curious about the circumstances surrounding it. Her husband, George Kowszik, is grieving her death, and the family is receiving many sympathies during this trying time.

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