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Olivia Flowers

Olivia Flowers Relationship Status:With her captivating material and engaging demeanour, Olivia Flowers, a rising celebrity and social media sensation, has captured the attention of her audience. Fans naturally want to know who she dates as they follow her through life. There has been talk regarding Olivia Flowers’ romantic life, and many people are curious about her current lover.

In this essay, we examine Olivia Flowers’ dating life and learn more about her lover, how they connected, and the dynamics of their union. Join us as we discover more about this talented influencer’s personal life and discover the person who has captured her heart.

Olivia Flowers Relationship Status

Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll, another cast member of Southern Charm, had a romantic relationship in the year 2022. In fact, soon after they were seen spending time together for the first time at Dennis’ Great Katsby celebration in September 2021, romance allegations about them started to surface.

Olivia Flowers

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In May 2022, it was discovered that the two of them were dating. In November 2022, they made the decision to continue their friendship despite everything.

A minor league pitcher named John Parke, 27, was rumoured to be dating Olivia in November 2022 after the two of them were seen out together at a pub and strolling down the street.

Olivia was seeing John Parke, a minor league pitcher who was 27 years old.

The well-known White Sox baseball player John Parke is currently based in Charlotte. He is allegedly also her purported boyfriend, according to rumours. However, Olivia hasn’t yet made any public comments about it.

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Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll

Although Southern Charm’s eighth season on Bravo ended last month, viewers were still curious about the cast members’ romantic relationships. Recent information regarding the romantic relationships of her co-stars was disclosed by Leva Bonaparte.

She revealed that her co-stars Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll are no longer dating. When Leva stated that Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Green were “done” with their respective ex-boyfriends, she specifically mentioned the two women.

For those who don’t know, the eighth season of Southern Charm ended with Shep Rose and Taylor splitting up just as Austen and Olivia were beginning their relationship.

Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll Relationship Timeline

The first time Olivia Flowers was mentioned as a potential love interest for Austen Kroll was in season eight of Southern Charm. Throughout the season, the two were frequently seen out together with Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green, who were then dating.

Olivia and Austen hit it off immediately, and he even got to meet her parents. The situation swiftly deteriorated when Austen went on his first solo date with Olivia because he couldn’t stop talking about his ex, Madison LeCroy. She had been upset with him for some time.

Throughout Season 8, Austen and Olivia’s relationship went through many highs and lows. A standout moment was when Ciara visited Charleston and Austen had a sexual encounter with her. After observing Olivia attend an event with a date, he spent one night in “revenge” with Ciara.

Austen publicly confessed to dating Olivia in May 2022. In an interview, he said:

I’ve now known her for one and a half years. On Southern Charm season 8, you’ll undoubtedly witness where it starts and how it ends. Additionally, there is definitely some ebb and flow as I try to figure it out.

In August 2022, Olivia announced to Us Weekly that they were an exclusive pair. She said, “

“We’re just enjoying ourselves. This summer, we went on a lot of vacations. We saw several really interesting locations, and travelling with someone usually allows you to get to know them better.

She continued:

“And after the cameras went away and the shows ended, we were able to unwind a bit. We simply sort of got to know one another better and decided whether this was what we wanted. We are undoubtedly involved in one another’s lives today.

On the other hand, throughout the season 8 reunion (which aired in October), Olivia repeatedly appeared upset with Austen. She was particularly angered when ex-couple Madison and Austen made fun of their urge to be romantically involved. If Olivia will be back on Southern Charm in the upcoming season is unknown at this time.