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Panos Panay Bids Farewell to Microsoft for Amazon

Panos Panay Bids Farewell to Microsoft for Amazon: Amazon is looking to hire the leader of Microsoft’s product team to oversee the team responsible for the voice-activated Alexa assistant and Echo smart speakers.

Microsoft’s director of Windows and Surface, Panos Panay, will depart for Amazon just days before the company’s September 21 event.

Panos Panay Bids Farewell to Microsoft for Amazon

Panos Panay, a Microsoft veteran of 19 years who played a significant role in the company’s Windows and Surface computing operations, verified his resignation via Twitter, stating that he is beginning a new chapter. Dave Limp, the head of Amazon’s hardware division, announced his retirement last month. He claimed in a tweet-

Amazon and Microsoft are both preparing to introduce new technology, which necessitates this modification. Microsoft’s event will take place in New York, while Amazon’s will be held in Virginia.

This is not the first time that the CEOs of these two tech titans have been exchanged. A couple of years ago, Microsoft hired a cybersecurity expert from Amazon. There was some drama, but they sorted it out. Additionally, Microsoft changed its policy prohibiting employees from working for competitors.

Panos Panay formerly oversaw Microsoft’s Surface tablet division before branching out to include laptops, desktops, and other products. Microsoft recently scaled back Surface, and Panay’s mixed-reality goggles initiative did not go according to plan.

Amazon has developed a substantial consumer electronics industry by selling inexpensive products such as Echo Dot speakers and Fire tablets. However, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant has fallen behind rivals like ChatGPT and other AI chatbots.

Under the leadership of Dave Limp, Amazon conducted a number of risky experiments to enhance Alexa and expand its reach into more households.

Nevertheless, several of these initiatives, such as the Astro home robot and a drone camera, have confronted obstacles. Microsoft has announced that Yusuf Mehdi will oversee the Windows and Surface divisions.