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School of Dragons Redeem Codes 2024 for Exclusive Gems

All of these unlock codes work right now.

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School of Dragons Redeem Codes 2024: There are codes for School of Dragons 2024 that you can enter here to get free stuff. All of these unlock codes work right now.

Note: Make sure there are no spaces or capital letters in the codes you enter, and that you are logged into your Sod account.

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School of Dragons Redeem Codes 2024

1. lavaeater– gives you a free eruptodon egg!!!

2. cloudcover– gives you free stormcutter armor!!!

3. takeflight– gives you a free flight suit!!!

4. skrillthrill– gives you free skrillthrill armor!

5. F6MHJ1KNLX – Dragons Mystery Egg Box


  • Rumplepurp: Titan Rumblehorn
  • Lavender: Titan Deadly nadder
  • Poucer the nightlight!!
  • Dart the nightlight!
  • Ruffrunner the nightlight!!
  • Whispy: Whispering death
  • Gronckla: Gronckle
  • Icicle: Groncicle
  • Eruptoda: Eruptodon
  • Amora: Armorwing
  • Thunder: Thunderdrum
  • Marella: Monsterous nightmare
  • Zug and zap: Zippleback
  • Prickly: Prickleboggle
  • Flama: Flamewhipper
  • Melidy: Deathsong
  • Razorlona: Razorwhip
  • Stormia: Stormcutter
  • Deathloutia: Deathgripper
  • Opal: Hobgobbler
  • Singeu:Singetail
  • Erupto: Eruptodon
  • Grappila: Grapple Grounder
  • Iridescent: Slitherwing
  • Galisha: Dreadstrider
  • Tidellia: Tideglider
  • Zip, zap, snap, trap: Snaptrapper

How to Use Your Codes

  • Start the game and then go to Settings.
  • Click Deal Code
  • Type in the code and then tap “Redeem” to get your deals.
  • You can enter your redemption numbers into this link. You can get it at
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