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Spirits Season 2

Spirits Season 2 Cancelled: On Paramount+, the first season of School Spirits is presently available in its entirety. Without giving anything away, we can say that “Madison’s Body” will leave you pleading for a continuation of the series. Since Maddie Nears awoke in the boiler room of Split River High School with no memory of how she arrived in the afterlife, we have been on this murder mystery voyage with her.

She and her companions have dedicated eight episodes to determining what occurred to her. The majority of the village believed she had fled, but her closest friend Simon was able to see her after her death. It was a strange and tragic coincidence that resulted in satisfying resolutions and startling revelations that kept us on the edge of our seats every week. The most pressing concern now that the season finale is available is whether or not a second season will be ordered. The following are the realities.

Is Season 2 of School Spirits cancelled?

No, it has not been delayed. The series was never meant to be a limited series, and none of us knew going into the season finale that it would not be renewed.

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Is Season 2 of School Spirits Renewed?

No renewal has been received as of yet. Due to the recent publication of the series finale, it may be some time before Paramount+ announces whether School Spirits has been cancelled or renewed. This topic may not be updated for several weeks or months.