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Steve Harvey Wife Cheating Issue Goes Viral

Steve Harvey Wife Cheating Issue Goes Viral: Absolutely impossible! The renowned comedian, motivational speaker, and talk show host Steve Harvey is once again in trouble. There were rumours that Marjorie, Steve Harvey’s wife, was having an affair with their bodyguard and chef.

The scandal surrounding his alleged infidelity has turned the tide against the spectacular superstar, who paradoxically wrote a book on relationships and how to woo a woman. However, is it true that Steve Harvey’s wife committed adultery? How precise exactly are these?

The issue of Steve Harvey’s wife’s infidelity goes viral on the Internet

What an unexpected conclusion! After discovering her infidelity, Steve Harvey’s wife reportedly desires a divorce and a portion of his wealth. Whom she purportedly cheated with was one of the shocking allegations of infidelity against Marjorie Harvey.

According to rumours, Marjorie cheated on Steve with not one, but two of his acquaintances or colleagues. She was first accused of having an affair with Steve’s security. The private caterer of the celebrity then enters the scene. After the alleged adultery, Marjorie desired a divorce and demanded nearly all of Steve’s estimated $200 million-plus fortune.

Steve Harvey Bodyguard With Marjorie Harvey’s Alleged Affair!!

Steve is 66 and Marjorie is 58; they’ve been married for 16 years and are both aged 66 and 58, respectively. In the 1990s, the two were acquaintances and had a fleeting relationship. They ultimately ran into each other again in 2005, but Steve’s marriage was in turmoil at the time.

According to Shackelford, Steve and his second wife, Mary, divorced in 2006 due to his infidelity. Steve and Marjorie ultimately tied the knot in 2007. The couple has not addressed the recent rumours publicly.

Some people may dismiss these claims as the product of a single misinformed Internet user. It went viral for obvious reasons after causing an enormous stir online. In any event, we believe these rumours to be completely unfounded.

Exposure to Steve Harvey was the impetus for these claims and charges.

Ned Nwoko, a Nigerian politician and industrialist, debunked the rumours regarding Steve Harvey’s marriage. Nwoko claims he has already reached out to the renowned host and is one of Steve’s dearest friends. In addition, he insists that every accusation is false.

This is so unfortunate, as fake news has reached new heights around the globe. We practically experience this on a daily basis, so when we heard that our friend Steve Harvey and his lovely wife were having problems, we had to contact him. He affirmed that he and his wife are fine and that the rumours should be disregarded. We wish the family a lifetime of happiness.”