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Free Fire Diwali Event Rewards: Roaring Knight Bundle, Roaring Protector Gloo Wall and others

Garena incorporates tons of rewards through unique events, allowing players to explore different dimensions of the title. With the Dussehra concluding in a few days, players would be anticipating so many inclusions in the upcoming Diwali event. Meanwhile, leaks have already started pouring in regarding the upcoming rewards that include bundles, emotes, Gloo Wall, and many more. Here’s all you need to know about the Free Fire Diwali Event leaks.

The developers have been celebrating Diwali for years and are for this reason anticipated to proceed the trend this year too.

This is solely the beginning of the month and many leaks revolving around the Diwali event have already begun circulating on the internet. Notably, some imminent Diwali-themed gadgets are being revealed through a number of unofficial (other than Garena’s) social media handles.

Free Fire’s Diwali is one of the most memorable activities in the FF community, with gamers playing many mini events as part of the mega Diwali event in bulk, while every tournament associates a number of rewards with it.

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List of leaked Free Fire Divali event rewards so far:

  • Roaring Knight Bundle (male)
  • Dark Destroyer Bundle (male)
  • Eternal Descent emote
  • Mask skin
  • Roaring Flame – Pan skin
  • Claws of Fury – Fist skin
  • Roaring Beast banner
  • Roaring Protector Gloo wall
  • Tiger’s Attack Grenade skin
  • Tiger Claw backpack
  • Boho Dagger – Knief skin
  • The Last Roar Loot Box
  • Tiger’s Attack Grenade skin

Popular data miner, Knight Clown released a video sharing leak of the upcoming rewards that are going to make their way into the game. Here are a few rewards that may be available during this year’s Diwali event.

Looking at the past mechanisms of the event, the developers usually offer users both premium and normal items, available by specific mini-events and upon completion of a number of tasks. Premium items are usually present in diamond-required events, while ordinary items are rewarded to users for completing a range of tasks such as playing matches and collecting tokens and crates. Events such as Diwali Wish, and Diwali Special Mystery store are pretty famous within the community.

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However, as of now, these are not currently available yet. Gamers will also find them out in the store. However, it will be wiser to acquire them from the in-game events. So, these are all about the upcoming Diwali event. There will be more updates regarding the same. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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