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Trae Young Wife: A Look At Her Fiancé In 2023

Because of this, by April of 2023, she had amassed 42,100 Instagram followers. She seems quite proud of her NBA player fiancé.

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Trae Young’s Wife: Atlanta Hawks star player Trae Young just announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend on Instagram. Young and Miller have been dating since 2018. Young and his future wife met when both were students at Oklahoma University and playing basketball for the Sooners.

If you watched the 2021 NBA Playoffs, especially the Eastern Conference Finals, you undoubtedly learned the name Trae Young. In 2018, he was drafted by the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. To sum up, the NBA superstar has earned the respect of legends like LeBron James and Stephen Curry while shattering several records.

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He recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, who is also renowned. Trae Young, soon to be a superstar in the NBA, and his future wife first crossed paths on campus. They’ve been together for almost four years, and their love appears to be growing. Miller is Young’s biggest supporter.

Everything you need to know about Trae Young, including his marital status, net worth, and online profiles, is right here.

Who Is Trae Young’s Spouse?

Trae Young’s fiancée, Shelby Miller, enjoys widespread recognition as a result of their relationship. A full year before Young was picked in the NBA draught, in 2018, the couple began dating. Shelby gives birth to her first child, Tydus Reign Young, in 2023 and devotes herself entirely to him.

Trae Young, the Hawks’ starting point guard, has asked Shelby to marry him. It is not surprising that Young and Miller would cross paths at OU, given that Young was a men’s basketball player for the Sooners and Miller was a member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

Consequently, they started dating in university and haven’t broken up since. After finishing high school, Shelby moved to Atlanta, Georgia to live with her boyfriend.

It’s obvious that they enjoy spending time together very much. Trae rarely shares details about his personal life on social media, in contrast to Miller who frequently shares intimate photographs and videos of herself and her girlfriend on Instagram.

Countless clips of them collaborating may be found on Tiktok. Miller is a big fan of Young, so she and he frequently take road trips together and she never misses a game.

The atmosphere for the proposal was set with blue balloons floating in the air and rose petals strewn across the floor. Young got down on one knee and proposed to Shelby while giving her a sparkling diamond ring.

Therefore, it’s safe to presume that the couple plans to keep seeing each other and developing their romance. Shelby is Young’s number one fan and attends the vast majority of his games to cheer him on.Trae Young’s Wife Earns a Fortune

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Trae Young Wife

Due to a lack of transparency regarding her career, Shelby’s income and wealth are still unknown. Nonetheless, the man she is seeing is worth $20 million. He has earned a total of $26,135,649 during his working life. The point guard will earn $8,326,471 in 2020-21.

In the prior season, the Hawks dished out $6,571,800 to him. He recently signed a five-year extension with the Hawks worth a maximum of $207 million. This means the player will earn $29,750,000 during the 2022–2023 NBA season.

This extension keeps him with the Hawks through the 2026–27 season when he will be making $39,270,000. The basketball player earns a substantial salary in addition to the money he receives from endorsement and sponsorship arrangements. Before he even joined the league, he had a contract with Adidas, a major sportswear and accessories manufacturer.

Trae unveiled the first Adidas signature shoe he designed during the 2021 postseason. In a similar vein, he is connected to “Through The Lens,” a website that offers its users exclusive video lessons from retired NBA greats.

Miller has a sizable online following. Because of this, by April of 2023, she had amassed 42,100 Instagram followers. She seems quite proud of her NBA player fiancé. Her partner Trae stars in many of the cute Tiktok videos she posts, and the two of them pose together frequently.

When she goes on vacation, she likes to show off her fit physique to her loved ones. Miller also keeps two adorable French bulldogs at home, named Normi and Lanta. She has shown her support for the Sooners teams in the past by posting photos of herself and her cheerleading squad. Shelby has also shared some photos with her parents and sister and niece.

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