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Dagen McDowell Husband: Career and Marriage Status

Tuck Carlyle Today's Maria Bartiromo Mornings with Cavuto and Kennedy's Bulls & Bears

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Dagen McDowell Husband: Anchor, journalist, and analyst Dagen McDowell has been with FOX News since 2003. In 2007, she was a driving force behind the launch of Fox Business Network (FBN).

McDowell is an experienced media analyst, and his observations on the financial sector are regularly included on famous Fox shows like Mornings with Maria, Outnumbered Gutfeld, and The Five.

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She has also been a frequent guest on the show Your Questions, Your Money, where she has discussed financial matters with prominent personalities such as former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. This essay will examine the information currently available concerning Dagen McDowell’s husband. Read on to find out more about him.

Husband of Dagen McDowell

Dagen McDowell’s husband, Jonas Max Ferris, is a Fox Business anchor, journalist, and commentator. Their first meeting took place in 2001, on Fox Business. Dagen had a previous marriage to a man before she met Jonas, but we don’t know who he was. However, she divorced her husband in 2003.

Jonas Max Ferris and Dagen McDowell tied the knot in front of a small group of relatives and friends. Before they started dating, the two worked together on the Cashin’ In show, where their relationship and trust grew.

How soon did Jonas and Dagen tie the knot?

Jonas and Dagen got married in 2005 after dating for over 15 years. In 2001, while Jonas was beginning his career in journalism, the two crossed paths for the first time.

Dagen McDowell and Ferris are still happily married in 2023. They’ve stayed together and seem content with their relationship. But they chose not to start a family and therefore there are none.

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Career Path of Jonas Max Ferris

In 2002, when Jonas Max Ferris first appeared on television, he became an overnight sensation. Fox Agency’s Fox Business Network, which focuses on financial reporting, hosted his interview. After making a few appearances on Fox Business Network, he was invited to join the panel of experts discussing business analysis on Cashin’ In.

Max Ferris and the other panellists covered a wide variety of issues, from tips on how to make quick money in the stock market to discussions on current events. Jonas Max Ferris, co-founder and president of At the University of Georgia, he linked up with fellow student Jason Burr, and the two of them launched the website.

The site offers free budgeting advice to anyone interested in a business-related profession. They also recommend specific mutual funds to their readers and tell them how much of their savings they should allocate to each.

If the Trees Could Talk, a short film released in 2014, features Jonas in multiple producing roles, including co-executive producer. He has also been on and contributed to a wide variety of television programmes.

What they are is as follows:

  • Tuck Carlyle Today’s Maria Bartiromo Mornings with Cavuto and Kennedy’s Bulls & Bears
  • The Freedom Price, Revised for Nighttime
  • Business with Neil Cavuto: Your World
  • Melissa Francis on The Willis Report for Money

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