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Who Is Bill Belichick New Girlfriend? Unraveling The Mystery

Bill Belichick New Girlfriend:The head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, is notoriously private. As a result, there is much speculation regarding the identity of his new companion.

Since his breakup with his longstanding girlfriend, Linda Holliday, in September 2023, rumours have circulated that Belichick is dating multiple women, but none of these rumours have been confirmed.

People are extremely curious about Bill Belichick’s new companion. Let’s attempt to discover!

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Who is Bill Belichick New Girlfriend?

Bill Belichick has no new significant other. In September of 2023, he reportedly broke up with his longstanding girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

The couple had dated for more than fifteen years, and their relationship was relatively private. Since then, neither Belichick nor Holliday have been seen together, though there has been no official confirmation of the divorce.

Belichick is a notoriously private individual, so it is unlikely that he will share confidential information with the public.

However, he has previously praised Holliday, describing her as a “great woman” and a “great supporter.” As of September 2023, Bill Belichick is currently unattached.

Who is Linda Holliday, the ex-girlfriend of Bill Belichick?

Linda Holliday, the ex-girlfriend of Bill Belichick, is a TV host from Hingham, Massachusetts. She was born in 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, making her 60 years old. Since December 2009, Linda has served as a sports correspondent for WBZ-TV and myTV38’s Style Boston.

Prior to her TV career, she was the proprietor and CEO of Blue Indigo Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessories brand, from 2006 to 2009. From 1984 to 1986, she attended Vanderbilt University and earned a bachelor’s degree in radiography.

Linda is quite prominent on Instagram, where her page, @lindaholliday_, has over 64,000 followers. She is also the director of the Bill Warrior Foundation and the Bill Belichick Foundation.

Additionally, Linda is the mother of 31-year-old twins, Ashley and Katie Hess. She and her ex-husband, Dennis Hess, share them.

Bill and Linda dated since 2007; their relationship lasted for many years. Even their dog was renowned; it was named Nike. On September 6, 2023, however, it was reported that their 16-year relationship had ended.

Their separation appeared to be drawn out, with many ups and downs for nearly a year. Interestingly, despite their breakup, Linda continued to reside in Bill’s Nantucket home and refused to depart the Massachusetts region.

The Patriots, Bill, and Linda’s representatives did not comment when Page Six inquired about the situation.