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kj wright eldest daughter

Who Is KJ Wright Daughter: “KJ Wright’s Daughter” is about the domestic life of KJ Wright. KJ Wright was a notable NFL tackle for the Seattle Seahawks. Even though KJ Wright is well-known for his football abilities and achievements, his family, particularly his daughter, is intriguing.

Even though people may not know as much about KJ Wright as they do about her famous father’s work, learning about her family life can provide insight into her personality. This introduction is intended to explain why KJ Wright’s daughter is so intriguing and enigmatic in the context of his public image, despite their respect for privacy.

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KJ Wright Girlchild

KJ Wright is the father of three children, including Nathalie Wright-Kam Joe, Kaleyus Antonio, and MacKenzie Wright. KJ and his girlfriend-turned-wife Nathalie raised KJ’s children. In May 2016, after the birth of a son named Kam Joe, the couple became parents for the first time.

kj_wright34 shared the following Instagram post:

KJ and Nathalie were married on May 27, 2017. Family and friends gathered in Seattle for their scheduled wedding ceremony.
In addition, the couple welcomed a second son named Kaleyus Antonio Wright in August 2019, expanding their family from three to four members.

Additionally, KJ is a family man who appreciates spending time with his family. Follow Wright on Instagram at @kj_wright34, where he posts pictures of his family.

MacKenzie Wright is the daughter of KJ Wright.

KJ Wright is the father of MacKenzie Wright. She appears to be the eldest child of her father. His daughter’s information is presently unavailable to the general public.

MacKenzie avoided media interviews. However, KJ appears frequently in her father’s Instagram posts because she frequently exchanges photos with them.

On May 12, 2021, KJ posted several photographs of his daughter’s birthday on his Instagram account. The author wished his young daughter Ariana Janae a happy 13th birthday. My youthful beauty, Ariana Janae, turned 13 today.

Numerous well-wishers posted birthday wishes for KJ’s 13-year-old daughter on his blog. KJ is also a family man who values travelling with his spouse and children.

Who is the wife of KJ Wright?

It is believed that Nathalie, KJ Wright’s wife, is the mother of his three children. According to a number of media agencies, Nathalie is an investor in real estate.

She was reportedly a nurse prior to entering the real estate industry. She utilises the Instagram handle @natty.b00 but has kept her account private.

KJ proposed to Nathalie in 2015 during a tour of the Boeing facility that they were taking with Nathalie’s father.

KJ proposed to her



Two years later, on May 27, 2017, the couple wed in Seattle, becoming officially husband and wife. Since then, the couple has remained together, and they are open with their admirers about their relationship.