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Who Is Ronald Acuña’s Wife? Ronald Acuña Jr. and Maria Laborde’s Four-Year Love Story

The romance between Ronald Acua Jr. and Maria Laborde began approximately four years ago.

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Who Is Ronald Acuña’s Wife: In the realm of professional sports, the focus is frequently on the athletes, their accomplishments on the field, and their contributions to their teams. However, there is a personal aspect to these athletes that continues to fascinate fans and the general public.

Ronald Acua Jr., the electrifying baseball prodigy renowned for his extraordinary speed and power, is not an exception. While his accomplishments on the baseball diamond have brought him immense fame, there is another aspect of his life that many are anxious to learn more about: his romantic relationships.

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This article reveals the identity of the woman who holds a special position in Ronald Acua Jr.’s heart – his wife.

Who Is Ronald Acuña’s Wife?

Ronald Acua Jr. recently tied the knot with his longstanding girlfriend, Maria Laborde, in a whirlwind ceremony that occurred just prior to a pivotal MLB game at the historic Dodger Stadium.

Many are curious about the woman who has captivated Acua’s heart, despite the fact that he is a well-known Venezuelan outfielder. Maria Laborde, the Instagram model and “public figure” who is now Mrs. Acua, will be profiled.

Maria Laborde: A Popularity on Instagram

Maria Laborde is not merely an ordinary woman; she is an Instagram celebrity with 105K followers. She describes herself as a “public figure,” and she has cultivated an online presence that has attracted the attention and admiration of admirers worldwide.


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Maria Laborde was born in the vibrant Venezuelan metropolis of Valencia. She has a strong connection to her native nation. Her multicultural upbringing in this country has made her a one-of-a-kind individual with a one-of-a-kind style.

The accomplishments of Maria Laborde extend beyond the digital domain. She was crowned Miss Teen Carabobo in 2015, a significant achievement that demonstrates not only her attractiveness but also her charisma and poise.

The Four-Year Love Story of Ronald Acua, Jr. and Maria Laborde

The romance between Ronald Acua Jr. and Maria Laborde began approximately four years ago. Their journey together has been replete with shared experiences, hilarity, and the development of a strong bond that culminated in their recent marriage.

During a family dinner in January 2023, Acua made a memorable proposal to Maria Laborde. The heartwarming moment was documented on film, showing their loved ones cheering as he proposed while on one knee. It was an emotional occasion that marked a turning point in their relationship.

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They Were Married Prior to the Braves Game

The couple wed in a modest, private ceremony on August 31 before the Los Angeles Dodgers’ victory.

Maria could only visit the athlete for three months at a time, and she and her children were scheduled to return to Venezuela by the end of the week.

They decided to get married because the family wouldn’t be able to return for an extended period of time, causing them to miss the remainder of the baseball season.

It had been deliberated the previous day

Acua called his business manager on Wednesday at 10 a.m. and requested that the wedding be scheduled for the following day. They got married at Whispering Oaks in Agoura Hills, California, because he had to be in Los Angeles to play the game.

In less than twenty-four hours, an officiant was found and the entire ceremony was planned. Originally, they intended to marry this winter in Venezuela. After the ceremony, he and his new wife watched the Braves defeat the Dodgers by a score of 8-7. They will now reside with Ronald in Marietta, Georgia.

Family Development: Children and Parenthood

The couple’s affection has produced a stunning family. They are the proud parents of two infant children: two-year-old Ronald Daniel and 11-month-old Jamall. Parenthood has added a new dimension to their relationship, which has further strengthened their connection.

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