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Who Is Woah Vicky's Boyfriend

Who Is Woah Vicky’s Boyfriend: Woah Vicky is a well-known American model, Instagram celebrity, and rapper. Similar to numerous other personalities, she frequently makes headlines for various reasons, including her romantic relationships.

In 2018, Vicky was the subject of controversy for using a controversial word in some of her recordings. Now, let’s investigate this 23-year-old model in greater depth.

Who Is Woah Vicky’s Boyfriend?

It appears that Woah Vicky is dating a man named Deivys Nicola, also known as D Rock. They are both prominent on Instagram and active in the music industry.

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Vicky’s YouTube vlogs indicate that they are in love, despite the fact that they haven’t publicly discussed their future plans or the seriousness of their relationship. She refers to D Rock as her partner, indicating their closeness.

Their relationship was made official in one of Woah’s March 17 vlogs. They began to refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend after engaging in humorous taunts and eventually referring to themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Even more, Woah posted a photograph of them together and referred to D Rock as her boyfriend. On his Instagram, D Rock also referred to Woah as his fiancée.

Their love story continued on. Wow, Vicky and her alleged partner have appeared in many of her YouTube vlogs together, and they appear to be very comfortable and content.

Woah Vicky’s Past Relationship

Prior to meeting her current partner, Woah Vicky was in a long-term relationship with another Instagram personality named Virgin JJ, also known as Lil Rot and Papii JJ.

They were outspoken about their relationship on social media during the years 2017 and 2018. On Vicky’s Instagram, you could frequently find posts with them both.

They began dating at the beginning of 2017 and had a brief disagreement, but they resolved it swiftly.

Woah Vicky and Virgin JJ are close friends and even collaborate on YouTube videos in the year 2020. They recently collaborated on a vlog that will be published on May 22, 2020.

Additionally, Hakeem Newkirk, a social media personality and artist, was linked to Vicky. Currently, he is dating Shayy Dee, whom Vicky considers to be her sibling.

Vicky is incredibly prominent on social media. Her Instagram account name is imwoahvicky, and she has more than four million followers.

She has over 1.16 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she uploads vlogs about her daily activities.

In addition to Instagram and YouTube, she is also active on TikTok, where she has over 7.1 million followers and her videos have received over 208.5 million likes.