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Why is Anthpo Leaving YouTube? Are Anthpo and Janice Dating?

Anthpo has established himself as a well-known YouTube personality and social media influencer. He was born on 30 July 2001 in New Jersey, United States. His YouTube channel with over 1.55 million subscribers is his claim to renown. Moreover, he has a substantial social media following, with 153.76K Instagram followers (@anthpo), 762K TikTok admirers (@anthpo), and 1.55K YouTube subscribers (anthpo).

Although his given name is Anthony Potero, he is commonly known by the alias Anthpo. Recently, Anthpo introduced a line of ‘friends’ merchandise that features images of himself and his companions. Not only does the merchandise celebrate his new direction, but it also highlights his close friendships.

Why is Anthpo Leaving YouTube?

Yes. Anthpo announced his departure from YouTube. Some time ago. He uploaded a YouTube video titled “GOODBYE,” so fans are intrigued as to whether he is leaving YouTube. In that video, he stated, “Today is goodbye.” People and fans in the comment section expressed their regret and stated that they are not prepared to say farewell to Anthpo, one of the most popular YouTubers.

Anthpo stated that he desired to travel the world, fall in love, and experience more of life. At the conclusion of the video, he thanked everyone for attending. It is now time to go live your life.”

Are Anthpo and Janice Dating?

There are no solid indications that Anthpo and Janice are dating. Although they have previously worked together on YouTube recordings, it is unclear whether they have a romantic relationship. Anthpo has not disclosed any information about his dating life to the public, and Janice has not stated that she is in a relationship with him.

Any rumours regarding their relationship are therefore speculative and unconfirmed. After returning to New Jersey for classes on campus, Anthpo’s video approach changed slightly. Now, he creates “The College Experience” vlogs, in which he and his companions engage in various shenanigans. Henry, who appeared in many of Anthpo’s early college recordings, is one of the most prominent members of this group. In addition, he has numerous other acquaintances, including Kieran, Hanbon, Collin, Enzo, Janice, Paige, and Abhi.

Is Anthpo in a Relationship?

The details of Anthpo’s personal existence are unknown. Anthony expanded his content to include the use of greenscreens, enabling him to create parodies of prominent television programmes such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Office, Breaking Bad, and iCarly. He collaborated with members of ‘The House Nobody Asked For’ (THNAF), a Wahony-founded TikTok group.

Anthony still sporadically collaborates with 8illy, one of his frequent collaborators. The group resided together from July 2020 to December 2020, and even after moving out, they remained close until the spring of 2021.