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Yoda helped capture Danilo Cavalcante

Yoda helped capture Danilo Cavalcante: Wednesday, a police dog named Yoda apprehended the convicted murderer Danilo Cavalcante. In August, Cavalcante escaped from a Pennsylvania prison and had evaded detection for two weeks. Yoda belonged to the Michigan-based US Border Patrol Tactical Unit.

Wednesday marked the capture of Danilo Cavalcante, a convicted criminal who escaped from a Pennsylvania prison in August and had evaded capture for two weeks. Yoda, a police dog, played a significant role in Cavalcante’s capture.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police said that Yoda’s role in the massive manhunt, which involved the US Border Patrol Strike Team, was crucial because he prevented Cavalcante from using a stolen rifle while he hid under leaves and bushes on top of the weapon.

“He was just essential as far as the tracking and searching, as were numerous other K-9s that were here,” Robert Clark, supervisory deputy US Marshal for Pennsylvania’s eastern district, told CNN on Wednesday. “All these K-9 resources were utilized by different tactical teams from the area, and they were just incredible resources.”

Two tactical teams surrounded Cavalcante in a Pennsylvania forest at around 8:00 a.m. Yoda belonged to the Michigan-based US Border Patrol Tactical Unit. As soon as the teams spotted Cavalcante’s head emerging from the undergrowth, they unleashed a police dog that attacked and subdued the fugitive.

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Yoda helped capture Danilo Cavalcante: The entire operation could be conducted in roughly five minutes due to Yoda. Cavalcante was asleep when the authorities discovered him, so he was taken by surprise. He attempted to elude capture by crawling through the dense undergrowth with the stolen rifle. Prior to deploying lethal force, the tactical team elected to deploy Yoda.

Clark explains that Yoda is a “bite and hold” police dog. The dog has been trained to subdue an individual until released on command. Clark stated that Yoda bit Cavalcante on the cranium and again in the “lower extremity area” in order to subdue him.

“When the dog got to him, he then went flat with the dog on him – the dog was able to detain him there,” Bivens said. “I was told the rifle was within arm’s length.”

As he continued to resist, he was then removed into police custody against his will.