10 Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels for 2023

Five Essential Tips to Manage Your Finances
Five Essential Tips to Manage Your Finances

Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels: According to Statista, users uploaded more than 500 hours of video content per minute to the site in 2022. Therefore, there is an abundance of personal finance content, including channels designed to assist individuals at all stages of their financial improvement voyage.

This merit-based list of the 10 best personal finance YouTube channels was compiled by our team of experts to help you swiftly locate the most compelling content. This list is for those searching for a financial partner on YouTube.

10 Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels for 2023

Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan is the embodiment of precocity. Before the age of 30, he sold more than $130 million in residential real estate. He obtained his real estate licence shortly after turning 18 and sold more than $130 million in residential real estate.

Additionally, Graham owns and administers rental properties near his Los Angeles residence. He shares his practical advice, successes, failings, and experiences in the real estate industry on YouTube to assist those who are considering entering the industry to become more successful as sellers and moneymakers.

Additional Information About Graham Stephan

• Graham is obsessed with automobiles; viewers of his YouTube channel will learn that money can purchase impressive automobiles.

• He also runs a Real Estate Agent Academy to teach others his skills.

Nate O’Brien

Nate O’Brien is the type of individual who may choose to reside in a truck to save money. He is also the type of person who analyses every conscious moment to maximise his productivity.

Those somewhat OCD behaviours make him unusual among his Gen Z cohorts, but that only makes him more effective at communicating his message of creative personal responsibility. If you are just starting out in your financial life and are searching for an advisor who speaks your language, Nate’s channel is an excellent resource for advancing.

Additional Information About Nate O’Brien

• Nate launched one of his first YouTube channels in 2017 from his Penn State University dorm room.

• One of Nate’s most popular recordings details how he sold the majority of his belongings in order to live a minimalist lifestyle.

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Next Gen Personal Finance

One of the few points on which the majority of Americans can agree is that there is insufficient free financial education for students and those beginning careers. Next Gen Personal Finance provides numerous YouTube videos to assist young people learn the fundamentals and, when ready, advance to the next level.

Video lessons range from a comprehensive curriculum on financial literacy to free lessons on mathematics, professional skills, economics, and entrepreneurship.

More About Next Gen Personal Finance 

• The mission of Next Gen Personal Finance is to revolutionise personal finance education in all schools and to improve the financial situations of the next generation of Americans.

• The website contains content for pupils who speak and read English as a second language.

Debt Free Millennials

The millennial generation is assuming the majority of our nation’s wealth and financial future, succeeding their parents, the baby boomer generation. What a great deal of responsibility! And many are also attempting to raise a family.

Debt Free Millennials is the story of how Justine Nelson paid off $35,000 in student loan debt in less than three years on an income of $37,000. Visit the popular channel of Justine to discover how to pay off your student loans.

More on Debt-Free Millennials 

• The How to Control Your Spending workbook by Justine provides easy-to-follow exercises for escaping debt.

• She enjoys discussing finances and debt-free living, but frequent visitors to her channel will also learn a great deal about travel and craft beer.

Your Money, Your Wealth

Joe Anderson, CFP®, and Alan “Big Al” Clopine, CPA, host Your Money, Your Wealth, an irreverent and entertaining programme (and local San Diego television show) that makes retirement planning, investing, and tax reduction enjoyable.

Joe and Big Al are private wealth management experts at Pure Financial Advisors, a group of fee-only fiduciaries who put the client’s interests first at all times. On the channel, they instruct retirement-friendly investment strategies.

More Regarding Your Money, Your Wealth

• Your Money, Your Wealth uses a question-and-answer format to help retirees and pre-retirees comprehend investing, portfolio diversification, reducing taxes, creating retirement income, collecting Social Security benefits, retirement expenditures, and Roth IRAs, among other topics.

• Pure Financial Advisors provides a Retirement Rescue Guide to assist readers in achieving financial success.

Side Hustle Nation

If you’re interested in conserving money and increasing your wealth, you’ve likely heard of the side hustle strategy. However, knowing the term is not the same as turning a side endeavour into a profitable endeavour rather than a time-waster.

Thus, Side Hustle Nation enters into play. Nick Loper presents weekly part-time business ideas, teaches tactics and strategies for generating additional income sources, and keeps viewers on track by drawing from his own personal experience.

More Deatils About Side Hustle Nation

• Nick began his entrepreneurial career by selling candy to Boy Scouts at summer camp and later garnered money as a University of Washington student by painting houses.

• He is the author of seven publications on entrepreneurship, side businesses, marketing, and productivity.

Your Rich BFF

As the daughter of a modest-income family of immigrants, Vivian Tu is on a mission to teach women from all aspects of life how to succeed in the financial world.

Vivian provides authentic, practical advice on virtually every imaginable financial topic. If you believe that discussing earning money is too masculine, Your Rich BFF proves otherwise.

More About Your Rich BFF 

• Vivian obtained a degree in Environmental Studies and Public Policy with a concentration in Finance from the University of Chicago and began her Wall Street career as a trader with JP Morgan.

• She felt compelled to offer financial advice after learning that the “Brads and Chads” she was dating did not know how to manage money.

Ryan Scribner

Adopting a side gig is a wonderful way to make money, but turning extra cash into financial independence is a different story. You would benefit from having comprehensive financial knowledge, which Ryan Scribner can teach you.

Ryan’s YouTube channel is chock-full of tips for efficiently generating cash flow and investing those funds using strategic thinking. Without working full time, Ryan does a great deal of work and earns a substantial amount of money, which seems like a fantastic deal to us.

More Concerning Ryan Scribner

• Ryan has become an angel investor in a number of fintech startups and administers equity investments in a cybersecurity company and a company that provides a website builder for freelancers.

• He describes himself as a regular man from a small town in upstate New York who began posting videos on YouTube about money and investing in 2016

Debt Free in 30

Doug Hoyes, who co-founded Hoyes, Michalos & Associates in 1999 to assist consumers in obtaining debt relief, operates the Debt Free in 30 channel. The Ontario-based firm has helped more than 60,000 get a fresh financial start.

Doug discusses with other debt experts what causes people to incur debt, what they can do to prevent a debt spiral, and how to regain a solid financial standing after experiencing setbacks. Check out Doug’s channel if you’re in a bad situation from which you’d like to escape.

More About Debt Free in 30 

• Doug’s YouTube channel is aptly named because he endeavours to pack an incredible quantity of relevant financial advice into 30-minute videos.

• His company offers a Debt Free in 30 Debt Assessment to help consumers rapidly realise that there are solutions to their debt problems.


The BiggerPockets YouTube channel is the product of a company and team with remarkable financial expertise and a successful track record in real estate investing. The channel covers every aspect of the field, from transaction analysis to property acquisition and financing.

Tips and advice help investors understand how to overcome obstacles and implement successful strategies. BiggerPockets is for you if you want to convert property ownership into financial independence and generational wealth.

More Concerning BiggerPockets

• More than 2 million members of the BiggerPockets community are willing to assist others in avoiding investing blunders and making sound financial choices.

• Tens of thousands of videos cover all facets of the industry for investors at all levels.

There is a YouTube video for every interest, if there is one thing we know for sure. Thus, the platform is ideal for obtaining effective financial advice. The dilemma is that YouTube’s paradox of choice may discourage users from accessing these resources.

This is why we’re here: to assist our readers in sifting through the noise to find what’s important. We’re confident we’ve done that in this merit-based list of the 10 best personal finance YouTube channels for 2023. Best wishes on your journey!