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CalWorks Child Care: How Does It Work?

CalWorks Child Care offers continuous financial assistance to children until adulthood, governed by a child support order, to cover living and medical costs.

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CalWorks Child Care: Children support is the continuous financial assistance provided to a kid or children until they reach adulthood to aid with living and medical costs. The order governing the required payment is known as the child support order.

Both parents are required by federal and state law to assist their children financially. The court may order one or both parents to pay child support since the intention is for children to live up to their parents’ quality of living.

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Sometimes parents require financial aid because they make insufficient money from their jobs to provide child support. The programme covers all 58 counties in the state through CalWorks.

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Who is eligible for CalWorks child care?

Cash aid users, whether past or present, can apply for CalWorks to get help paying for child care at any provider of their choice. Naturally, this relies on whether or not they are working or taking part in Welfare-to-Work programmes that have been approved by the county.

CalWorks child care is also available to youths in the Cal-Learn programme who are pregnant or who are parenting. Children up to the age of twelve and children with exceptional needs or severe disabilities up to the age of twenty-one are served by creche services.

Beginning on January 1, 2022, the amount of the current month’s child support payment that is “passed through” to you may vary if you get cash assistance for your child or children under the CalWorks programme.

If you are a single parent, this amount might go up to $100, and if you are a parent of two or more, it might go up to $200. This is due to a permanent change in the law governing this “pass through”.

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How can I apply for Child Care through CalWorks?

Families in need of emergency short-term assistance with housing, food, utilities, clothes, or medical bills may qualify.

The county welfare departments are in charge of running the programme at the county level. Reach out to the county welfare agency in your area to apply for help.

You can get in touch with your Child Care Worker, the Welfare-to-Work or Cal-Learn worker as needed if you are presently receiving CalWORKs child care, have questions or issues about your services, or have problems about your existing child care arrangements.

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