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Sleep Apnea VA Disability Rate: What all can you expect?

For veteran's disability payments, sleep apnea may be primary to a condition that is related to military service or it may be a secondary disease.

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Sleep Apnea VA Disability Rate: Veterans of the United States may be eligible for the VA Disability Payment, a monthly payment that is free of taxes.

The VA disability rate for their service-connected illness or disability will determine the entire amount they receive.

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Sleep apnea is among the many distinct kinds of disabilities that are taken care of.

A dangerous disorder that can affect daily functioning and raise the risk of major health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension is sleep apnea.

For veteran’s disability payments, sleep apnea may be primary to a condition that is related to military service or it may be a secondary disease.

Obstructive, central, and mixed sleep apnea are the three forms of the condition that the VA recognizes. To determine a disability rating, all three are handled equally.

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Sleep Apnea VA Disability Rate: How difficult is it to obtain?

According to the Veterans Help Group, four sleep apnea percentages correspond to various welfare states.


When a veteran has been diagnosed with an illness but is not exhibiting symptoms, a 0% disability rating is given. While a veteran with a zero percent rating is not eligible for disability compensation, they may be eligible for other VA benefits, such as health treatment for conditions related to their military service, if they meet certain income requirements.


If a veteran has “persistent daytime hypersomnolence” as a result of sleep apnea, they are given a 30 percent disability rating. A veteran with this rating will be eligible for reduced disability compensation (to $508.05 per month in 2023) as well as other benefits like free medical care and prescription drugs for conditions related to their military service.


Veterans with sleep apnea who use CPAP machines or other breathing aid devices are rated as 50% disabled. The veteran will be eligible for additional benefits, such as expanded healthcare coverage and partial disability payments (in 2023, $1,041.82 per month), if they receive a rating of 50%.


If a veteran needs a tracheostomy or has persistent respiratory failure with carbon dioxide retention or cor pulmonale, they are classified as 100% disabled. A veteran who receives a perfect rating will be eligible for full disability compensation, which will be $3,757.00 per month in 2023, in addition to additional VA disability benefits such free prescription drugs, healthcare, and support for dependents’ education.

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