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Argentina Friendly Matches in Kerala: Schedule, Match Date, Squad and More

Argentina's national football team is set to play friendly matches in Kerala, attracting a large fan base, particularly those of Lionel Messi, with details on the schedule, match date, squad, and more.

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Argentina Friendly Matches in Kerala: The Argentine national football team is scheduled to play a number of friendly matches in the football-loving state of Kerala. Keralan football fans are all excitedly anticipating the games. For Keralan football enthusiasts, especially those who adore the renowned Lionel Messi, who has a sizable fan following in the state, this event seems to be a dream come true. See the schedule, match date, squad, and further information for the Argentina Friendly Matches in Kerala below.

Argentina Friendly Matches in Kerala

Although the precise date of these much awaited matches has not yet been made official, it is generally assumed that they will occur in October of 2025. Keralan football fans now have plenty of time to be ready for an amazing occasion. The possibility of seeing Messi and other Argentine players play on Keralan soil has sparked excitement, which is gaining speed quickly.

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The Argentina team


  • G. Rulli
  • E. Martínez
  • F. Armani


  • G. Montiel
  • C. Romero
  • N. Tagliafico
  • J. Foyth
  • G. Pezzella
  • Lisandro Martínez
  • M. Acuña
  • N. Molina
  • N. Otamendi


  • E. Fernández
  • R. De Paul
  • T. Almada
  • E. Palacios
  • G. Rodríguez
  • Á. Di María
  • P. Gómez
  • A. Mac Allister
  • L. Paredes


  • Á. Correa
  • Lautaro Martínez
  • P. Dybala
  • J. Álvarez
  • L. Messi

The Argentine squad, which has a fantastic array of players in several positions, will surely deliver their best. They have three great goalkeepers: F. Armani, E. Martínez, and G. Rulli. Together, they can produce unbelievable saves that have the power to win or lose a game.

With players like G. Montiel, C. Romero, N. Tagliafico, J. Foyth, G. Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, M. Acuña, N. Molina, and N. Otamendi, the Argentinians will have a strong defence that will be difficult to break through. Their midfield is just as strong, with players who are excellent at setting the pace of the game such as E. Fernández, R. De Paul, T. Almada, E. Palacios, G. Rodríguez, Á. Di María, P. Gómez, A. Mac Allister, and L. Paredes.

With players like Á. Correa, Lautaro Martínez, P. Dybala, J. Álvarez, and the unstoppable L. Messi, the assault is expected to be explosive. Keralan supporters can anticipate spectacular displays of talent and goal-scoring ability from Messi every time he steps onto the pitch.

Kerala’s football fans are getting ready for an amazing set of games as the anticipation grows as the date approaches. It is an incredible opportunity to see the renowned Lionel Messi and other Argentine football legends play on their home pitch. October 2025 will bring football magic, so get ready!

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