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NFL Week 2 Weather Condition:The Sunday Night Football game between the Cowboys and the Giants was impacted the most by the rain and humid conditions that plagued the majority of the East Coast. The positive news is that this weekend looks to have less overall weather impact than Week 1. However, there are still a few contests that will have to contend with Mother Nature, so let’s look into our crystal ball to see what this weekend holds.

Remember that dome contests are always rated “LOW” – if there is inclement weather inside a dome, there are significant issues.

NFL Week 2 Weather Condition

Early Afternoon Activities

Vegas Raiders vs. Buffalo Bills

Temperatures will reach 71 degrees with winds of five to seven miles per hour. There is a slight chance of rain near the end of the game, but nothing that will cause significant problems. Play with assurance!

The Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Expect intermittent rain throughout the contest, particularly after halftime. There will be thunderstorms in the area that will bring heavier precipitation if they move towards the stadium. In addition, the heat index (temperature and humidity impact) will be near 100 degrees prior to commencement.

The Baltimore Ravens vs. The Cincinnati Bengals

Highs in the mid-70s with a light northerly wind, potential for some minor late afternoon rain showers but similarly to the Buffalo game, nothing substantial to worry about.

The Los Angeles Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans

The wind will be in the single digits and it will be mostly sunny with a high near 80 degrees. Pleasant football conditions!

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

HIGH effect.Expect precipitation, scattered thunderstorms, and a heat index of 101°. This game will experience some of the weekend’s most severe weather effects. Pay attention to this game! The game could be significantly affected otherwise.

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Late Afternoon Activities

The Washington Commanders vs Denver Broncos

Temperatures in the mid-eighties and breezes in the single digits. Excellent weather for a game.

Sunday Night Football

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots

Northeastern nighttime conditions are expected to remain MOIST (ugh). It appears that rain will begin early and continue for the majority of the game. I’m not anticipating a torrential deluge; rather, I anticipate the same persistent and annoying rain that we experienced last week during Sunday Night Football.

Monday Evening Games

The New Orleans Saints vs. the Carolina Panthers

The glad tidings? There will be light winds and temperatures will be in the high-60s throughout most of the game. The poor report? Expect rain for the majority (if not the entirety) of the game. You will likely experience déjà vu while viewing this game if you watched the game on Sunday night.

The Cleveland Browns vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

Unfortunately, there will be some intermittent rain during the game, but I do not anticipate that it will be significant. There should be no significant wind or temperature issues during the game.