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How can I delete my Snapchat bot from my Android or iPhone?

Snapchat My AI Snapchat Bot, which is powered by Chat GPT, was created to enhance the Snapchat user experience.

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Snapchat bot from my Android or iPhone: With the introduction of its groundbreaking chatbot function, Snapchat is creating waves. Many Snapchatters enjoy and value the feature, but some may choose to disable My AI. This article describes how to disable My AI in Snapchat’s preferences and messaging features.

Snapchat has introduced a chatbot dubbed Snapchat My AI for Snapchat Plus users. Due to the novelty of the feature, however, many Snapchatters are unsure of how to disable or use My AI.

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To remove My AI from Snapchat’s settings and chat screen, launch the app, tap the Chat tab, press and hold the “My AI” conversation, tap the “Chat settings” button, and then tap the “Clear from Chat feed” button. In Snapchat’s settings, the My AI conversation history can be deleted. Instructions on how to disable My AI on Snapchat can be found here.

How Do I Remove My Snapchat AI on Android and iOS?

Since the release of My AI on Snapchat, Snapchat’s artificial intelligence feature, on February 27, 2023 (powered by Chat GPT), user sentiment has been all over the place. Many Snapchatters want to remove the recently introduced chatbot Snapchat My AI because, as users have been informed, they should not share any sensitive information with the bot because AI has the ability to exploit and use it against them. Due to the novelty of this feature, many Snapchat users do not know how to disable my AI.

Snapchat’s My AI can be disabled in two locations: the app’s preferences menu and the conversation window. For your convenience, the steps required to remove My AI from Snapchat’s settings and conversation interface are outlined below. To use the My AI Snapchat chatbot, you must have a Snapchat Plus subscription and delete the My AI Snapchat account.

What Is the Newly Launched My AI on Snapchat 2023 Snapchat Bot?

Snapchat My AI Snapchat Bot, which is powered by Chat GPT, was created to enhance the Snapchat user experience. These features are currently accessible only to Snapchat Plus subscribers. My Snapchat AI can answer all of your inquiries, and you can interact with it as you would with a regular friend. My AI is available whenever you need it, whether you’re searching for a birthday gift idea or a new dinner recipe.

Snapchat’s staff has warned users about the app’s potential for abuse, so all interactions with My AI will be monitored. Developers of Snapchat believe that they will need to make the feature more user-friendly in the near future. To make the conversation feel more personal, you can even assign your My AI a name and select a chat background.

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How Can I Add My AI to Snapchat?

Snapchat’s My AI feature is exclusive to Snapchat Plus users, so the only way to access it is to subscribe to and utilise Snapchat Plus. The following are the procedures required to obtain a Snapchat Plus subscription:

Launch Snapchat and select the bitmoji profile icon in the application’s header. Select the Plus membership option from the subsequent menu. Third, choose your desired subscription length (monthly or annually) and make the corresponding payment.

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