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iOS 17 Release Date

iOS 17 Unveiled: Have you heard? iOS 17 was released today with over 100 new features, including StandBy and adaptive audio.

Some iOS 17 features, such as AirDrop updates, the Journal app, the catch-up arrow, and Apple Music integration, will not be available today but will be included in subsequent updates. We do not have an exact release date for these updates, but there are plenty of features to enjoy in the meantime.

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iOS 17 Unveiled: Individualized telephone conversations

Apple’s iOS 17 now includes contact posters, which are kind of like wallpapers for your favorite individuals. You can personalize a poster with photos, Memojis, and names to occupy your screen when someone calls you.

Actual voicemail

If you were alive during the Landline Era, you may recall being able to let a phone ring and listen to voicemail before picking up. This type of surveillance was rendered obsolete by cell phones, but Apple’s iOS 17 is bringing it back. When someone leaves you a voicemail, you’ll be able to view a live transcription of the message and pick up as the caller is still speaking. Consider how this will transform receiving calls from unknown numbers.

Checking in

Check In on iPhone has replaced the days of yelling “Text me when you get home!” to a friend as you leave a bar and then neglecting to actually text them when you arrive home. You can initiate a Check In with a friend, and when you arrive safely, your loved one will be notified automatically.

Browse categories

Apple’s iOS 17 search filters have been updated. Now, you can search with more precision by combining search filters. For example, you can search for “address” in a chat with a specific friend, rather than discovering every time you’ve ever asked for an address.

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Location-sharing made convenient

iOS 17 provides users with an essential update to observe and share locations. You can now request a person’s location via the plus icon in Messages, and their location will continue to appear in a text bubble until the location-sharing session ends. In addition, you can view your Find My Friends at the top of Messages, under the friend’s name, for those friends whose location you are tracking continuously.

The latest audio message updates

You can now have your audio messages transcribed, which, granted, is not the purpose of an audio message, but is a blessing for those who neglected their headphones. You can also pause and resume recording the same audio message before sending, play them back at double speed, and continue listening after exiting the Messages app.

New Stickers encounter

Live Stickers, Memoji, Animoji, emoji stickers, and other third-party sticker collections are now accessible from the Plus or Tapback menu in Messages on iOS 17. Additionally, you can construct your own stickers, which is revolutionary for people who love cats too much (hi).

Leave a Facetime message.

You could only send a “wtf I thought we were friends” text message previously if someone missed your Facetime. With Apple’s iOS 17, you can now leave a voicemail with a video or audio message if someone doesn’t answer your FaceTime call.

On standby

Apple iOS 17 introduces Standby, a new full-screen experience that can be accessed by placing an iPhone on its side while it’s charging in order to view information from a distance, such as a clock on a nightstand or your audio on the kitchen counter.

Intelligent widgets

iOS 17 includes enhancements to widgets as well. You can now interact with them, such as by removing items from your to-do list, pausing music, or turning off the lights when you exit a room.

TheNameDrop website

One of the iOS 17 enhancements is an entirely new version of AirDrop. NameDrop enables users to exchange contact information by placing their iPhones and Apple Watches in close proximity. Your name and Contact Poster are attached to your contribution.

Autocorrect, but improved

Autocorrect is improving. iOS 17 has enhanced autocorrect by applying more precise corrections to errors in English, French, and Spanish.

Safari accounts

With iOS 17, you can establish multiple Safari profiles to separate browsing, history, cookies, extensions, Tab Groups, and favorites for topics such as “work” and “personal” and “oh my god, don’t look at this.”

Adaptive Sound

This iOS 17 update is truly only compatible with AirPods Pro (2nd generation). The new listening mode will modify the noise level controls and add noise cancellation automatically. This reminds me of the auto-brightness feature, which I enjoy 95% of the time and detest 5% of the time.

Printed maps

At length! With iOS 17, you’ll be able to download maps and use them when you don’t have service, which is ideal for subway or hiking trips.

Simply state “Siri”

Unfortunately, this is the least interesting iOS 17 update. You no longer need to say “Hey Siri,” simply say “Siri.”

Visual Aim High

iOS 17 alters the method we look up information. You can discover similar recipes for food you’ve photographed, as well as maps to stores you’ve photographed. Additionally, many of these tools function with paused video.