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ADA Lovelace Day Quotes, Wishes And Messages

Gratitude is extended to all women who have achieved success in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics on this Ada Lovelace Day

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ADA Lovelace Day Quotes: Ada Lovelace Day is observed annually in the United States of America on October 10. In observance of this day, the accomplishments of women in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics are acknowledged and celebrated. Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day by exchanging greetings and well-wishes with your loved ones and acquaintances. On this occasion, the Ada Lovelace quotations and sayings are deserving of being shared.

ADA Lovelace Day Quotes

“Religion to me is science and science is religion.”

“The more I study, the more insatiable do I feel my genius for it to be.”

“Your best and wisest refuge from all troubles is in your science.”

“The science of operations, as derived from mathematics more especially, is a science of itself, and has its own abstract truth and value.”

“Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around us, the worlds of Science.”

“Mathematical science shows what is. It is the language of unseen relations between things. But to use and apply that language, we must be able to fully to appreciate, to feel, to seize the unseen, the unconscious.”

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ADA Lovelace Day Wishes And Messages

Greetings on Ada Lovelace Day to all! We will perpetually be indebted to Ada Lovelace for recognizing the extraordinary potential of computers on this day.

Greetings and felicitations in honor of Ada Lovelace Day. Let us commemorate the contributions of every woman to the advancement of science and technology.

Greetings to all on this momentous occasion of Ada Lovelace Day. Participate in a number of events centered on Ada Lovelace in order to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Let us, in observance of Ada Lovelace Day, acquire knowledge regarding the significant contributions made by women to the domains of technology, science, and mathematics.

Women make equal contributions to the fields of science and technology. In recognition of Ada Lovelace Day, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all individuals involved.

The observance of Ada Lovelace Day serves as a reminder to advocate for the advancement of women in STEM disciplines, highlighting their revolutionary potential.

Gratitude is extended to all women who have achieved success in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics on this Ada Lovelace Day.

ADA Lovelace Day: Activities to do

Join an Ada Lovelace Day celebration.

Locate a pub quiz, lecture, edit-a-thon, coding workshop, or other activity that promotes the sciences and assists girls and women in establishing themselves in STEM fields by searching for Ada Lovelace Day events in your area.

Study the historical context of women in science.

You will discover accomplished women in all fields of science, mathematics, and technology once you begin your search. In pursuit of their ambitions, women have made significant contributions to mathematics, physics, and other sciences, including Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, and Chien-Shiung Wu.

Learn to code

Have you ever attempted to program a computer program yourself? During Ada Lovelace Day, attend a workshop or locate a straightforward tutorial to acquire the fundamental skills required to construct a website, develop mobile applications, or automate duties.

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