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Alex Beltman Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Alexander Beltman, also known as 'I Hate Everything,' was born on March 15, 1994 in New Zealand and currently resides in England.

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Alex Beltman Biography: On March 15, 1994, Alex Beltman, also known as “I Hate Everything” (IHE), was born. The popular YouTuber employs exaggerated commentary in his videos to express his strongest dislikes and opinions regarding movies, video games, and popular topics. Beltman’s channel gained 800 subscribers by the end of 2013, the same year it was launched, and now has 2.12 million. He covers numerous topics, which he divides into six distinct series. In honor of his birthday month, we will discuss his swiftly expanding YouTube channel.

Alex Beltman Birthday

Alexander Beltman, also known as “I Hate Everything,” was born on March 15, 1994 in New Zealand and currently resides in England. In 2013, the 28-year-old YouTuber rose to prominence after establishing his first channel, “I Hate Everything.” Beltman uses his channel to rant and remark on everything he dislikes, likes, and despises, as well as to exaggerate his opinion on various trending topics, movies, and video games. Beltman’s first video on his channel was titled “I Hate Pewdiepie’s Raving Fans” and received over one million views upon its August 2013 debut.

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As his fan base grew, Beltman decided to extend “I Hate Everything” with a number of diverse series covering various topics. The professional YouTuber published the first installments of his “Q&A” and “Comment Comeback” series in 2014. In his “Q&A” series, he interacts with his followers and admirers by answering all of their questions, and in his “Comment Comeback” series, he revisits his old videos and reacts to the most offensive and humorous hate comments. In 2015, Beltman published the first videos of two new series titled “The Search for the Worst,” in which he discusses his least-favorite films, the lowest-rated films on “IMDb,” and analyzes individual scenes from selected films, providing humorous commentary. The 2015-released second series is titled “Trying to Watch,” in which he is joined by friends as they watch various films and remark on and joke about the scenes. Despite the moniker, he focused more on adding positive commentary to his “YouTube” channel in 2016. He has released a new series titled “I Love,” in which he discusses what he enjoys rather than what he dislikes. In addition to his own “YouTube” channel, he co-hosts “JAR Media” with his brother and two other friends, in which they discuss movies and video games. 93.6K users are subscribed to this channel.
In 2015 and 2016, Beltman was involved in disputes with the creator of a film he negatively reviewed and with YouTube itself. In 2015, he uploaded a film review on his “The Search for the Worst” series about Derek Savage’s “Cool Cat Saves the Kids,” which was swiftly removed due to copyright infringement. “I Hate Everything” has 2.12 million followers and nearly 400 million views on 300 videos.

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Alex Beltman Net Worth, Height

Name  Alexander Beltman 
Nickname  I Hate Everything (IHE), Alex 
Birth date  March 15, 1994 
Age   29 
Zodiac Sign  Pisces 
Height  6′ 0″ 
Relationship Status  Single 
Net Worth  $558 thousand 
Social Media  Instagram 

Alex Beltman Biography: 5 SURPRISING FACTS

Beltman maintains his personal life private on his YouTube channel, in contrast to the majority of YouTubers and social media influencers.

Before revealing his face on “JAR Media” a few years later, he employs a cartoon drawing of himself throughout his YouTube videos.

Many would assume that a YouTuber with his level of popularity would upload videos weekly, but on average, Beltman only uploads one video per month.

In the video game “Hunt Down the Freeman,” he provided the audio for the character Nick.

Unfortunately, YouTube deactivated his channel for unknown reasons, but it was reactivated a day later.

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