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Dwight Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Net Worth

Dwight Eubanks Biography: Dwight Eubanks was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 17, 1959, under the sign of Pisces. He is a well-known American television personality, entrepreneur, and cosmetologist for his appearances on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Botched” on E! We invite you to join us in celebrating his special day.

Dwight Eubanks Birthday

In the entertainment industry, Dwight Eubanks is a well-known cosmetologist and accomplished television personality. His mother, Queen Eubanks, gave birth to him on March 17, 1959, in Atlanta, Georgia, as an African-American American citizen. Eubanks became interested in hairstyling at an early age and participated in a number of theatrical productions during college. In 1989, he made the decision to become a beautician. He opened his “Purple Door” salon and began taking professional photographs of businesswomen.

After being appointed as a member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” his popularity skyrocketed. After three seasons of the reality program, which debuted in 2008, he left to pursue other opportunities. Eubanks is married; he met his fiancée on the set of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” where they dated and became engaged in 2009. He has been the host of “Living Life with Dwight Eubanks” since 2009. “The Truth” is one of his additional television appearances. (2011).

His fashion sensibility is superb. He has made appearances at fashion shows, hair displays, and award ceremonies. He placed second in the 2013 “Bronner Brothers Hair Show,” which he also moderated. He operates his own website, “Style Purveyor,” and works as a guest stylist in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Dubai due to his fashion sensibility. In 2015, he also appeared on “Botched,” where he discussed a botched nose surgery that was quickly fixed. On September 1, 2017, Eubanks announced on Twitter that he is bisexual.

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Dwight Eubanks Net Worth, Height

Name  Dwight Eubanks 
Birth date  March 17, 1959 
Age  64 
Zodiac Sign  Pisces 
Height  5′ 9″ 
Relationship Status  Married 
Net Worth  $5.5 million 
Social Media  Instagram 

Dwight Eubanks Biography: 5 SURPRISING FACTS

Since his nose surgery for “Botched,” Eubanks has acclimated to breathing through his mouth.

Officers stopped Eubanks on February 28, 2014, in Dekalb County because he could not produce his license when requested.

In a “Thirsty Roots” interview, Eubanks mentions that he first learned to stitch in Douglass High School.

Eubanks used to toy with and brush the long, beautiful hair of his sister’s dog.

Eubanks asserts that he is the son of two generations of ministers who forbade him to toy with dolls.