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Hey.Lexie Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Career, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

There's no denying the YouTuber's beauty! Her striking appearance has drawn a lot of attention to her social media profiles.

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Hey.Lexie Biography: Lexie, born on December 19, 2000, is an American YouTuber and celebrity. Her YouTube channel, “Lexie&Frantz,” is where she primarily shares videos about relationships. Seven million views and over 210,000 subscribers are seen on her YouTube account. There are always jokes, Q&A, storytime, challenges, and more available on the channel. She uploaded her first video to her YouTube account in April 2018, the same year it was created. Here, let’s raise a glass to this bright star.

Hey.Lexie Biography:

Early Life

On December 19, 2000, in the US, Lexie was born. Sagittarius is her sign of the zodiac. She and her rapper boyfriend, Frantz opened a combined YouTube account on March 30, 2018. When they were both teenagers, they began dating. On April 13, 2018, the channel launched with a video named “Q&A!! FIRST VIDEO.” As of right now, the video has received over 50,000 views and about 100 comments.

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“PERIOD PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!!! (HE WAS GOING TO LEAVE ME)” was the first video on the channel to receive over 100,000 views in 2019. As of June 2022, there have been over 170,000 views of the video. The channels other well-liked videos include “*Truth Or DRINK!!*” and “Q&A | Things You Should Know About Lexie.” The prank video “I’M Breaking Up With You PRANK!” is regarded as one of their most popular videos. *SHE CRIED*. As of June 2022, the video had received over 450,000 views.

More than 550,000 people now follow her on Instagram. Her reputation has grown on social media, thanks in part to her attractiveness. She makes films of herself and her boyfriend making jokes about each other, usually involving their relationship. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him in December of 2019. In 2021, they disclosed the gender of their unborn daughter on YouTube. To engage their audience, they also ask for suggestions for challenges and practical jokes for their channel. She has a Twitter account and is considered a sensation on the internet. The account opened for business in May 2014.

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Hey.Lexie Biography: Net Worth and Height



Date of BirthDecember 19, 2000
Zodiac signSagittarius
Relationship StatusEngaged
Net WorthNA
Social MediaInstagram

Reasons We Like Her

Her connection to Frantz

Frantz and she are role models for young couples! They’ve disproved our theory that beginning a relationship at such a young age will only result in early heartbreak.

She appears to be enjoyable.

We believe that when someone is on camera, their personality may virtually be created. From her boisterous attitude to her YouTube videos, she seems like a lot of fun.

She is stunning.

There’s no denying the YouTuber’s beauty! Her striking appearance has drawn a lot of attention to her social media profiles.

5 facts About Her

She is a twin.

Although the gender of her twin has not been disclosed, she has one.

Frantz and she met on social media.

She disclosed that it was in a Q&A video that she met her partner.

Her initial vehicle

She had a Chevrolet as her first vehicle.

Hey.Lexie did not attend a driving academy.

She claims that she simply hopped into a car and drove away.

She and Jake Gyllenhaal were born on the same day.

Though in separate years, she and Gyllenhaal were both born on December 19.

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