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Lucia Zambetti Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Career, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

Zambetti has many years to pursue her many interests. Despite her youth, her discography is quite strong.

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Lucia Zambetti Biography: Born on December 20, 2003, Lucia Zambetti is an American singer, YouTuber, and TikTok celebrity. She came from a musically gifted family and worked her way up through social media to become a well-liked artist and personality. Zambetti is most recognized now for her nearly 300,000-strong TikTok following, but she is also a very active musician who has released multiple tracks in a short amount of time. Zambetti is well-known on SoundCloud and has a YouTube channel where she frequently posts her sultry tunes. Come celebrate this girl’s journey on her birthday—she is incredibly talented.

Lucia Zambetti Biography:

Early Life

American artist and social media star Lucia Zambetti has gained attention for her abilities. She was born in New York, and she is a Sagittarius. Teddy Zambetti is her father, and Sofia is her childhood companion. Zambetti’s mother is a classical musician, while her father works as an in-house composer at Sirius XM. Her entire family has a passion for music. The Zambettis established the Z Sauce songs label together, and they routinely released songs under it.

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For Zambetti, music is a rite of passage. But on TikTok and other social media sites, she was already well-known before she ever dropped her debut single. October 2017 saw the publication of Zambetti’s first known Instagram post, which was a birthday greeting for her cousin. She started her YouTube career in August 2018 by setting up her channel. Then, towards the end of 2019, Zambetti released her first single, “That Night,” to positive reviews from her followers.

She followed through by releasing the original music video for the song “That Night — Lucia Zambetti (Official Music Video)” on YouTube in March 2020. Her first upload on the platform was this one. 2020 saw Zambetti add the songs “Dance Dance” and “Space” to her repertoire. Three more songs, “Good Luck With You,” “You’ll Be Fine,” and “Don’t Call Me Baby,” were added in 2021. This artist has over 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners and six songs overall. “Don’t Cry” is her most recent single (2022).

Zambetti has an excellent fan base despite being a social media star and vocalist. To far, she has amassed 122,000 Instagram followers, 298,000 TikTok followers, and about the same number on other sites. Although Zambetti maintains details of her personal life private, it appears that she is not dating at the moment. She tells her loved ones and friends about her success.

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Lucia Zambetti Biography: Net Worth and Height


Lucia Zambetti

Date of BirthDecember 20, 2003
Zodiac signSagittarius
Height5′ 7″
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$1.5 million
Social MediaInstagram

Why we love her

She has several talents.

Zambetti produces excellent information. Her voice is also angelic.

She is gorgeous.

Zambetti is quite exquisite. She always looks fantastic.

She has multiple interests

Zambetti has many years to pursue her many interests. Despite her youth, her discography is quite strong.

5 facts About Her

She is a guitarist.

Zambetti has enjoyed playing the piano for as long as she can recall.


Her Instagram handle, Luchzz Zambetti, is well-known, and many of her followers use it as a nickname on other social media sites.

Her nationality is Italian.

As her last name might imply, Zambetti is originally from Southern Europe.

She speaks two languages.

Zambetti is able to speak both English and Italian.

She is a banjo player.

Zambetti is a banjo player as well.

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