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Max Verstappen Biography: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Salary, Net Worth

Max Verstappen Biography: Max Verstappen has a net worth of 200 million dollars. RedBull, Max Verstappen’s current F1 team, pays him $54 million annually. Max Verstappen has surpassed Lewis Hamilton to become the highest-paid race car driver in history. Max Verstappen is the youngest driver to compete in Formula One and is the first Dutch driver to win the Formula One World Championship. Max Verstappen will remain with Red Bull at least through the end of the 2028 racing season, as a result of a contract extension.

Max Verstappen Net Worth

Max Verstappen is estimated to be worth $200 million in U.S. dollars. RedBull, Max Verstappen’s current F1 team, pays him $54 million annually. Max Verstappen won his fourth pole position of his career at the Bahrain Grand Prix by dominating all practise sessions. Max Verstappen, the 34th Formula One World Drivers’ Champion, pitted during the safety car period and used his soft tyres to pass Lewis Hamilton at turn 5 of the final lap. In March of 2022, Max Verstappen extended his contract with Red Bull Racing by five years, covering the years 2023 through 2028.

Name Max Verstappen
Age 26
Net worth $200 Million
Salary $54 Million (2023)
Date of Birth 30 September 1997
Nationality Belgian, Dutch

Max Verstappen Salary

Through 2028, Max Verstappen’s contract with the Red Bull racing team will pay him $54 million in compensation. Below is a list of the salaries earned by Max Verstappen over the course of his career.

Residence of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen reportedly purchased an 11,000-square-foot mansion in Monaco for $40 million. Max Verstappen’s residence includes a home theatre, gaming room, wine cellar, five spacious bedrooms, and other amenities. The residence of Verstappen also includes a concealed slide passageway, spa, lavish beauty salon, climate-controlled automobile dealership, and panic room.

The Private Plane of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen recently gifted himself a brand-new Bombardier Challenger 3500 private jet. It cost an additional $5 million to renovate the interior of Max Verstappen’s private jet, bringing its total value to nearly $40 million. The Verstappen private jet has the lowest direct operating costs and nearly 99.8 percent reliability in its class. Components of Max Verstappen’s private plane

Investments and Assets of Max Verstappen

Forbes reports that Max Verstappen owns five real estate properties, eleven automobiles, and three luxury yachts. In addition, approximately $50 million in cash reserves are included in Max Verstappen’s portfolio of assets. In addition, Max Verstappen possesses a $25 million investment portfolio comprised of twelve stocks. The following is a list of stocks owned by Max Verstappen.

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Which businesses does Verstappen endorse?

Because he is one of the most successful F1 drivers on the grid, Max Verstappen has an abundance of sponsors. Red Bull, Verstappen’s current team, has partnerships with a number of his sponsors. In his native country of the Netherlands, Verstappen is immensely popular. Due to this, many of his supporters arrive at races wearing orange, particularly his home race in Zandvoort and the Austrian GP at Red Bull Ring. Orange is the colour of the Netherlands’ flag. The Dutch supporters, also known as “the Orange army,” have several well-known songs and chants for their favourite driver.

Red Bull is one of the original sponsors of Verstappen. He has also supported the Dutch online retailer Jumbo since 2016. He is also a brand ambassador for the Dutch television network Ziggo. Verstappen’s sponsors include Tag Heure,, G-Star, and the streaming service ViaPlay. He signed contracts with the Dutch beer company Heineken and the video game titan EA Sports.

Where does Verstappen Live?

When competing, Max Verstappen represents his native Netherlands. Currently, Verstappen resides in Monaco, a Mediterranean Principality. Verstappen leases a $16.2 million luxury penthouse in Fontevielle, a neighbourhood in Monaco close to the French border. He has a balcony overlooking the harbour and an indoor fitness centre.

Since he does not intend to reside there permanently, the Dutchman claims to have rented rather than purchased the property. Nevertheless, he takes advantage of the micronation’s tax advantages. Verstappen resides near a number of active and former Formula One drivers. among them are Mika Hakkinen, Nico Rosberg, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Daniel Ricciardo.

What is the name of Max Verstappen’s girlfriend?

Not married is Max Verstappen. However, Verstappen is currently dating model Kelly Piquet. The couple has been in a relationship for over two years. Kelly and Max have been spotted frequently in the F1 paddock. Verstappen asserts that his supermodel girlfriend is extraordinarily forgiving and states that he has no qualms about having children with her in the future. Kelly Piquet, daughter of Nelson Piquet, is a former Formula 1 world champion. When she was dating former Red Bull driver Danil Kvyat, they had a daughter.